Care Insurance Contributions

Defusing the interest barrier – increase the is taxation border near the VAT – preservation of loss carry-forwards for renovations by food authorities, November 04, 2009 – with the \”citizens Relief Act health insurance\”, released on the 22.7.2009, the tax deductibility is significantly improved by medical and nursing insurance premium. The new rules take into account from 2010 for the first time the expenses for a medical and long-term care insurance, which essentially cover the same level of performance statutory health and social care mandatory insurance, so for a basic health and care flichtversicherung, tax completely as special editions. \”The new regulations apply to legally as people with private health insurance and legal care insurance (social long-term care insurance and private care insurance) alike. Also people with private health insurance can deduct for the first time tax completely the relevant posts for their children insured with\”, explained Dipl.-Finw. Bettina M. Rau, partner and tax advisor at Roland Franz & partner in Essen.

Other interest expenses E.g. for unemployment, invalidity -, liability and life insurance can be considered as special editions will basically continue. It introduces a higher volume of common trigger. The current deductions are increased each 400 euro 1.500 EUR 1,900 euros / 2,400 euros to 2,800 euros (self-employed). The trigger volume is here primarily for the contributions in favor of a base hospital and long-term care insurance available. Other interest expenses be considered only as far as the trigger volume by them is still not exhausted. The corresponding fees for basic health and care insurance are fully deductible in any case, also exceeding the mentioned print volumes of. The rules to the interest barrier have been defused. The existing allowance is increased temporary time EUR 1 million to EUR 3 million. Reach or exceed Net interest expenses of operation this amount, he so far does not fall basically fully under the deduction limit, one of the exceptional circumstances intervene.