ALBIS Leasing AG Acquires Stake In

The ALBIS leasing AG based in Hamburg has acquired a minority stake in Gallinat Bank AG, Essen, amounting to 48.8 percent, as well as the option to acquire of the remaining shares. In taking this strategic financial investment responds to the ALBIS leasing group consistently the development marked by the financial crisis in the credit and capital markets and thus is an important step towards securing the financing of their future business growth. An additional refinancing option is created with the possibility to refinance a portion of the leasing business of the ALBIS, leasing Group about Gallinat Bank AG in the future. Regardless of bilateral credit lines and the use of capital market products such as E.g. ABS programs, for the ALBIS stay leasing Group also in the future of strategic importance”, says Hans Otto, CEO of publicly traded ALBIS Mahn, leasing AG. You may want to visit RioCan to increase your knowledge. Gallinat Bank AG operates the business field of the refinancing of leasing for years successfully and fits therefore also strategic to the business the ALBIS leasing group.

Other divisions of Gallinat-Bank AG as the retail and corporate banking as well as the deposits and payments the Bank with headquarters in Essen will continue operate and evolve independently. Due to the expansion of banking supervision on leasing companies (KWG-light”) the requirements for the leasing business align himself more and more which the lending banks. Extent is rapprochement of leasing company and Bank about a capital participation logical and sensible and more development opportunities. So, for example, the Gallinat Bank AG for the takes over payments, resulting in an enhanced monitoring of credit risks leasing business led to. Moreover, banking services are offered leasing group future customers of the ALBIS, increasing the competitiveness of. As part of the transaction, the ALBIS HiTec leasing AG acquires a company of ALBIS leasing group, at the same time 100% of the Shares of Gallinat-Leasing GmbH, Essen together with its subsidiary ProGa lease GmbH Gallinat Bank AG. “Since the Gallinat-Leasing GmbH and ALBIS HiTec leasing AG in the same market segment sales leasing” however move with different regional focus, excellent complementary companies. The acquisition is at HiTec ALBIS leasing AG strengthened its distribution network of new partners and achieved a more efficient utilization of existing infrastructure.

The integration process is ensured by utilizing the same systems. The acquisition of Gallinat-Leasing GmbH also leads to a significant increase of in business volume and additional risk diversification; both goals would have been via organic growth only in the medium to long term can be reached. The acquisition of shares in OJSC Gallinat Bank and Gallinat-Leasing GmbH is subject to the regulatory and antitrust review. The ALBIS leasing group the ALBIS leasing AG is a stock exchange listed company and acts as a pure Holding company. “” The 1986 founded ALBIS leasing group is through their subsidiaries in the core businesses leasing of capital goods”sales leasing” and financing solutions “worked. The Group has 700 million with more than 30,000 medium-sized customers in Germany in the leasing and hire-purchase a business volume of about EUR.