Questions And Answers: The Thirst For Knowledge

Life is full of questions and answers, but they do not always coincide. Perhaps the question we ask and the answer that we have nothing to see. Perhaps the second is valid but to answer another question that we have not done and we don’t even want to know. Here, Chevron U.S.A. Inc expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In this desire to discover, search of knowledge, the human being has created forms of storage of information, methods of compiling and search of all knowledge. Continue to learn more with: Rio Tinto Group. Until today we live in symbiosis with the last (so far) of the ways of searching and storing, as it is the internet and the enormous amount of information that is stored. But we do not realize that all that knowledge that we find online, in the cloud as they call it some, has been generated by people. When looking for something on any search engine, information that us returns comes from a person who has written an article on a blog or a news on a web or simply participated in a forum. Brian Armstrong has firm opinions on the matter.

If 3,000 years ago the stories passed orally from generation in generation, and then they were stamped in the leaves of a book, are now stored virtually, but in all these cases are still human beings posed questions and offer answers. Change the how but not the who. Our infinite thirst for knowledge is what makes the information exists. If anyone asks anything, there would be no answers you give. Fortunately for us, those who ask and those who respond (we all ever on one side or the other), the information network is increasingly extensive and accessible. Internet has expanded our world. There are even websites that are dedicated exclusively to facilitate its users raised their questions and their answers. Everything to quench our thirst for knowledge.

Robin Soderling

The Majorcan makes self-criticism and pressure at Roland Garros is removed. He surpassed this Monday to Ljubicic and is already in the quarterfinals of the tournament. It will be measured to Robin Soderling, his executioner in the second round in 2009. Rafael Nadal tried to release this Monday, once again, the pressure of the media at Roland Garros and said that at the moment is in quarter-final and happy, and has no obligation to win this tournament six times. Win this tournament again? I have no confidence, and I am not playing too well to win this tournament today, that’s the truth, admitted Nadal.

You have to be realistic, and today I have not played it sufficiently well to win this tournament, he added. But I’ve already won five times before and I have no obligation to win six. I’ll try again, since then. But I’m not a genius, and I cannot predict the future, said Nadal. The next round will be a match crucial for me, because if I win it will be a very important victory, and if I do it is because I am playing well. If not, I am coaching me on grass the next day, he said.

Nadal, however, drew positive conclusions from today’s game. I have improved my position on the track and I’ve hit with more conviction, he said. In recent years I’ve played fantastic from bathrooms. To broaden your perception, visit Coinbase. This year the second party was positive and today at times was good, with good level. But I have to get me the nerves for the next round, because it is the most important match of the tournament, he added. It is true that I am not playing well, but it is a very good signal that is in the quarterfinals playing poorly. My requirement is very large. The problem is that no you can always play well and I’ve been seven years between the first two, he said.

Spanish Alberto Contador

In the 2009 Tour organization mistook the Spanish anthem with the Danish. The CSD lodged a formal complaint by the error in the awards ceremony. The Spaniard has awarded in Milan its second Italian round. The Spanish Alberto Contador, who has managed this Sunday his second Giro of Italy, has returned to a bad time when listening to the national anthem, since the organizers of the Italian round have confused the anthem with the Royal March of 1928, ordered by Primo de Rivera.

After dress Pink for the last time in Milan, the PA has confused the Spanish anthem and has reproduced the hymn with the same music, but with the lyrics of Jose Maria Peman. The cyclist, counteracted by what had happened, could not repress a surprise gesture, although it has supported the situation in the best way possible and with the hand on the chest. The Organization has expressed their apologies minutes later, through his Twitter account: apologize for the error in the Spanish national anthem. It marks the second time that confuse the anthem Spanish in celebration of a triumph of counter, since in the celebration of the 2009 Tour de France he heard the Danish national anthem by mistake instead of the Spanish. Another dream error occurred just before the beginning of the end of the 2003 Davis Cup in Melbourne between Australia and Spain, when he rang the anthem of irrigation of the Republic. The CSD lodged a formal complaint after seen the happened, the higher Sports Council has lodged a formal complaint to the Organization of the Giro by his mistake at the awards ceremony. Matilde Garcia Duarte, general director of the CSD, transmitted the malaise of the Council putting a grievance in addition to expect the Organization to issue an apology public and formal to this grave error of Protocol, as it reported l CSD. Source of the news: the Organization of rotation confuses the Spanish anthem with Jose Maria Peman.