In a world so standardized and which currently inhabit the transmission of money from some people to others it has become today in a task rather than frequent. Time ago, since banking is mechanized and could be interconnected somehow interconnected, that such transfers do not presisan of the physical presence of both parties concerned. This has resulted, to send money has been transformed into a current task that transfer of assets is done virtually automatically. However, nowadays prevalent enough procedures to achieve this. We are going to write this article about some of these possibilities and the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them. Send money using a credit card: is perhaps the mode with more boom, since the so-called plastic money provides in addition other possibilities and alternatives to the send money, about todosi is a prepaid card. It allows for example make purchases over the net safely or have our money in any part of the planet, If and when we have access to any ATM.

We should not forget either, that possess this type of cards, is a symbol of reputation in many cultures. It is true that sending money is not done through credit card, which has no operational capacity, if same, to provide this service. However, the vast majority of them are affiliated to account online that if we are able to perform these transfers. Some companies allows to have more than one credit card associated with the account, so owners can use them in any part of the planet (for example, a parent in Granada can withdraw money from an ATM at the same time that makes it your son who is on vacation in Bogota) advantages: operation, alternative uses agility to the send moneya bank account is not necessary. Disadvantages: The commissions can become high and it would have to consult with our Bank, it is indispensable to have an ATM nearby.