IQSol Presents New Product PowerApp

New UPS shutdown appliance from iQSol protects data, systems, and devices across data center electricity emergency the iQSol GmbH, manufacturer of solutions in the field of business alarm and log management, presents her new product for securing the IT Inftrastruktur in case of emergency on the it-sa. The new UPS shutdown appliance PowerApp protects all data and devices across multiple data centers across, taking into account the specific dependencies of IT systems for power outages or attacks on the power supply. PowerApp helps regular emergency tests and simulation of failure scenarios. The product is now available as a version for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for corporations and data center operators across the partners network of iQSol GmbH. A free trial version is also available.

The new product PowerApp is designed for the protection of IT from power outages, or malicious attacks on the power supply. Attacks or a power outage the appliance produces a controlled shutdown of all servers and applications. PowerApp works in agentenlos. The shutdown will start on the basis of the UPS status or by the ambient sensors for temperature, moisture or smoke. The Windows and Linux servers and applications to automate and shut down via the central management interface and stopped and shifted in the second datacenter. The PowerApp can be used, scenarios to simulate of the shutdown for a regular test of emergency or ordered shutdown of all server systems in an emergency. The PowerApp 500 is suitable for small – and medium-sized enterprises.

PowerApp 1000 ensures power emergency protection especially in large companies or operators of multiple data centers. The appliance can be used as a virtual machine. About the iQSol GmbH, the Austrian iQSol GmbH is an independent manufacturer for solutions in the area of corporate alarm and log management. The iQSol specialists have many years of experience from many IT audits and have comprehensive Knowledge of common systems and security management solutions (SIEM). The product LogApp security information and event management closes the gap in terms of log archiving and log management, event correlation in real time. The HoneyApp is a honeypot module developed by iQSol that is used in the early detection of virus outbreaks and also protects against Trojans and BOT systems company. The alert messaging server (AMS) is a fully customizable alerting system for administrators in high-availability environments. In combination with a comprehensive monitoring solution, AMS can send out systemically important alerts via email, SMS and voice call in a very short time. The solutions are available in Germany through the partner network of iQSol GmbH. More information about the products and to the affiliate program of iQSol GmbH,. Press contact: saalto Agency and editorial GmbH Berlin Office Alin Fradrich Mulackstrasse 22 D-10119 Berlin phone: + 49 30/61657167 E-Mail:

Childrens Land Christmas Workshops

Airport offers attractive for small visitors to Munich, 6 December 2013. Christmas best time! Especially for the children, Christmas has a special charm. To shorten the long wait the little ones, the staff of the children land at Munich Airport have come up many surprises and workshops. Daily there on level between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 entertaining winter 04 actions take place: gingerbread houses waiting to be decorated colorful, Angel wings are made, for MOM and Dad made and of course reading the Christmas story in the land of childhood cannot be missed Christmas gifts. On Friday, the 19th December, even a little surprise awaits every visitor.

The magician of Rebecca lets it not suppose to visit the children’s land. She will enchant on Saturday, 7 December, with their large and small tricks. Another highlight is of course Santa Claus on December 15 from 14: 00 at the Winter market will drop by himself. Sports highlight is the Winter Olympics cross concerning on December 20 from 14: 00 through the airport this year. Great prizes including award ceremony on the stage waving it. In addition to this before Christmas program, the Kinderland offers year-round space for playing and being creative. A great toy plane”with ball pool invites you to the romping, climbing, and slides.

A painting and craft corner was set up for quieter moments as well as a kids movie with selected program. Except for stuffed animals, books and games, also modern entertainment technology is available for the sprouts with a Nintendo Wii. “A cozy seat pedestal children alone can play and read, and a makeup room” makes girls heart beat faster. In advent we make more child-friendly offering our experience at Munich Airport,”so Elke Haeffner, head of the Centre management at Munich Airport. We want also to our recent visitors around surprise the winter market or in the children’s area with something new. The program is appropriately diverse, so there is something for everyone.” The Munich Airport was elected recently in a survey of Europe’s leading travel search engine Skyscanner the family-friendliest airport in Germany. It surveyed about 1,000 travelers with children to the most important criteria for the perfect family airport. The cost is five to ten euros per child in the children’s area depending on the offer. The opening hours of the children country during the run-up to Christmas are: Monday to Friday from 13 to 19: 00, Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 19: 00, 24 December from 11 am until 4 pm. On the 1st and 2nd Christmas day and new year’s day the Kinderland has closed. The children’s area is available at 089/975-25598 or. Detailed information about the program currently under the experiential world at Munich Airport by the easy accessibility and optimal infrastructure the large shopping and experience the world at Munich Airport offers an ideal location for business. A wide range of sectors and brands, international fashion labels on one of the most modern supermarkets of in Germany up out to the world’s only airport brewery, the Airbrau found restaurants and showrooms here. With an annual passenger volume of about 38 million passengers, the Munich Airport is the second largest airport in Germany and within Europe ranks seven ranked. In addition to the above-average growth of the number of passengers, Munich Airport is characterized mainly by the dynamic development and expansion of the shopping, catering and service facilities. For more information and questions: Dot.communications Martina Euchenhofer T 089 530 797-23 dot.communications Sabine Werbel T 089 530 797-210 E

The Basics Of Successful Business Communication!

Appeared in R. G. Fischer Verlag, cutting-edge and brand new! Become a universally estimated conversation and business partners! With his third book, Thomas delivers support, professional coach and internationally sought-after economic and business consultant, the ultimate standard for senior managers on communications matters. The reader will find case examples in plain language and using valuable the complete basics of communication technology for the entire range of services and distribution. Step by step basis, ranging from the basics of human behaviors about buzzwords such as motivation and reasoning to the topic of buy signals, rules and strategies will be presented as an example.

On the basis of various question catalogs, the author then offers the possibility of deepening and clarification of the learned. A successful implementation of negotiation successes in internal and external relationship reached only, who dominated the extensive framework of communication technology from A to Z, and applies, so in the long term sustainable personal and business successes to achieve. A perfect guide and absolute must-have”for all managers! Thomas support communication but worth standard for senior managers on communications issues 2011, 185 pages Paperback 14.80 ISBN 978-3-8301-1467-3 profit by 34 years of successful publishing experience in making your own book! As established and renowned publishing and Imprintgruppe, R.G. Fischer Verlag and the edition fischer engaged for more than three decades, including making sure that new, still unknown authors in the German and international literature can successfully gain a foothold. “Using individually tailored and targeted national and international advertising and marketing concepts, as well as dedicated and highly qualified advertising professionals it achieved R.G. Fischer Publishing Group time and again, to true to place even literary novices in the first League of well-known media for 34 years, we make books successful our motto!” With a high-circulation and wide range including fiction as well as damage to property or scientific books offers an extraordinary variety of interesting and varied reading the literature program of R.G.

Fischer Verlag and the edition of fischer as new accents in the national and international book world. This is the best proof that not only books by famous authors can be successfully sell for Publisher Rita G. Fischer. For more information about Imrprintgruppe and R.G. Fischer publishing see please our homepages, as well as our press release. since 1977 strives to offer the R.G. Fischer publishing and Imprintgruppe successfully so, young and little known authors a public forum, for smaller and medium-sized publishers, as well as new writers have known it not heavier than the big publishing companies, their title of the public make. Only if they are heard, the cultural diversity of the Acguisition will remain but in the long term.