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Oxfam International

After some excitements (not too many) after the G20 Summit, doubts and criticisms. What else do against the crisis? It is the best way to deal with it? Social democracy will save back to the stupid capitalism? Amid this temptation to change something, but that everything will continue in the hands of the usual, it has been said that the G20 Summit has been as Breton Woods, when in the mid-forties of the last century are reordered the world (still at war), liquidated the remnants of the depression of the 29 and relaunched the economy. Nothing further from the truth. Those days were 21 working days and inclusive: 44 countries of a world with fewer States participated (still had not begun the decolonization in Asia and Africa). In addition, they generated new multilateral institutions and created new rules for organizing the world economy. Instead, the G-20 seems barely renovate anything; He still trusted financial institutions imposed by the neoliberal dogma that led us to disaster. In addition, in the document of conclusions and commitments, does not appear once inequality, poverty or hunger, as the Professor of economy Juan Torres, realizes though still die every day 30,000 human beings by severe malnutrition. Nor is there any reference to ethical principles, although the crisis have largely caused it practices no morals or shame. Neither collects lucid approaches of the letter to the leaders of the G20 of the leaders of the eight most important civil society organizations of the world (Amnesty International, Oxfam International, Greenpeace, Save the Children, help in action, Plan International, World Vision and Care International), who reminded the G20 that the life or death of hundreds of millions of people depends on what you do; that poverty and inequality increase; these generate and feed tensions, social conflicts and clashes increasingly elderly people; that there are only 100 months to reduce carbon emissions and reverse the danger of a catastrophe; It is urgent guarantee the rights of subsistence of the half of humanity that wanes and dies between poverty and extreme poverty, which is an urgent need to protect the environment, the Earth (the only one we have) Walden Bello, Professor of political science at the University of the Philippines, asks this question to the G20: are enough democratic reforms to revive the economy or this crisis has lead us to another order? Professor Bello also proposes something that seems to have more legitimacy than the selective meeting of rich and those who have become it, because that has been the G20: that Ban Ki Mon, the UN Secretary-General, and the General Assembly convene a multilateral meeting (not only 21) to deal with the crisis and prepare a new global order.

Destiny Tourist Preferred

Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico. In an exclusive interview with lic. Claudia Rosales Directora of marketing of the site booking, commented that the city of Tampico in recent years has become the main destination of beach of the Monterrey thanks to the tourist infrastructure that the port of Tampico has spent the last few years. The Bachelor I mention that thanks to the new Convention Center of Tampico where there have been artists of international stature tourism in the South of Tamaulipas, additionally in the coastal boulevard Miramar Beach it has triggered new beach, thanks to this Tampico hotels have been built is consolidated as the main destination of the Monterrey. Lic.

Claudia Rosales said some of the preference of the users, are the beach hotels the most sought-after, also near the historic center of Tampico, and most reservations are originated from the State of Nuevo Leon, especially in the city of Monterrey, also lots of reservations are made of the cities in San Luis, Saltillo, Ciudad Victoria, Reynosa, Federal District, and the Valley of Texas USA. He mentioned in an interview our portal has positioned itself as the most important site of reservations online for hotels in Tampico, because users may find city hotels, beach hotels, colonial hotels, also hotels with all inclusive mode, and a new section where you can hire packages that include flight more hotel in deferred credit card paymentbeing our main promotion for this Easter with the credit card BANCOMER, where you can pay to 21 months without interest. Mentioned the degree that they have made an alliance with a manager of payments, if you do not have a credit card, or prefer to pay in cash, one easy way is by making your payment at any Oxxo or Seven Eleven store Portal is given a bar code to make the payment, this modality of payment applies only in Mexico.

Rio De Janeiro

It fits to detach, that the research made possible to identify by means of the stories that the professors of the initial series of Basic Ensino are not made familiar to the new technologies gifts in the school, that is, does not use them for ‘ ‘ medo’ ‘ to dare, to work a content considered for definitive series in different, attractive and diversified way, since they are available technological resources in the school. Also we cannot leave of speaking on the necessity to develop sufficient activities so that this ‘ ‘ medo’ ‘ either surpassed, having more qualifications for the educators. In elapsing of the activities developed for the pupils of 5 year of Basic Ensino, was possible to perceive beyond the anxiety and devotion of the pupils to work in the STE the HQs through educative software HagQu, the interest of some professors for the activities that were being developed, since the interest of the pupils was bigger in comparison the activities carried through in classroom. Some difficulties in the accomplishment of the activities had been detected, as: for not possessing computer in its residences, some pupils did not dominate its use, however, with passing of the lessons they had been interacting with some colleagues and the teacher of the STE to cure some referring difficulties to the HagQu and the manuscript of the computer and its tools. Another fact that deserves prominence, says respect to the ortogrficas lack of domain in relation to the writing and agreements, since, presented difficulties in producing and interpreting texts. If you would like to know more then you should visit Pemco. In synthesis, it can be said that the project showed the possibility of if working a content in diversified ways, that was possible to awake in the pupils the interest for the reading and writing.

These constataes had demonstrated that the use of HagQu software it contributed to improve the learning of the pupils in what the creation says respect, interpretation reading of texts by means of histories in quadrinhos. REFERENCES CALAZANS, Flvio. Histories in quadrinhos in the school. So Paulo: Paulus, 2004. CROSS, Dandara Palankof. Substance: The history of the quadrinhos in Brazil – part 1-16/09/2008. Available in;. Access in -07/10/2010.

Paramount Comedy

It works next to Ricardo Castella in a musical comedy with optimistic message. Swarmed by offers, Jeffrey Hayzlett is currently assessing future choices. He is never behind schedule to make your dreams reality was released in April in Majorca. and it will represent in the Theater Wonders of Madrid from the 9 the 12 of June. After leaving I know what you did, the program recently cancelled by Sixth, Angel Martin is disillusioned with the television because, in its opinion, " it seems that in all the chains they emit the same programa" , and it affirms that only it would return if a project desired much to him. " If something works, the other chains score at the car and try to make it similar – the actor in an interview assures. You put what you put you are seeing the same ". Perhaps for that reason he has decided to eet again itself with an old friend, Ricardo Castella, to transfer his humor to the theaters with Never is behind schedule to make your dreams reality, a musical comedy in favor of the people who fight to reach their goals.

" We are going to try that all that comes to the theater leaves wanting to turn its dreams in fact, costs what costs, without to think about consecuencias" , it assures Martin. Although both have a musical past, only the presenter of I know what you did got to touch of professional way in a group. An occupation that left when it knew Castella, that at that time worked in the channel of humor Paramount Comedy. " It proposed to me to leave my stable life and in hotels of five stars to act in bars at daybreak and to sleep in cheap pensions – it comments ironically on the life of monologuista-. You cannot reject a supply thus, is super tentadora". The work, that mixes the reality with the fiction, presents/displays to an Angel Martin who, after leaving I know what you did, tries to produce its own series of television.

Social Subjects

In our country the adoption (total adoption) supposes a new equal or compared familiar relation to the biological one, reason why it settles down, like rule, the legal rupture of bonds, personal, relatives and, between the adoptive son and his natural or biological parents. To such an extent it is so the Ministry of Justice, by Instruction of 15 of February of 1999 (Main directorate of the Registries and the Profession of notary), has ordered that in the seat of inscription in the Civil Registry is pointed out like parents solely to the adoptive parents, without mention some to the character of " adoptivos" , in the heat of equality with the biological ones; these will only consist in another seat with restricted publicity. For many pairs the adoption is the unique one via being parents and to train a family. The requests to adopt Spanish children continue being smaller than for the international adoption. Among others causes because the number of Spanish children susceptible to be adopted is almost null. Also according to country of the adopted one can more or less have bureaucratic obstacles. The Asian continent (China, India, Vietnam), offers to the Spanish pairs majors facilities in the proceedings and mainly greater rapidity But everything is not a way of roses, sometimes arise problems from legality. When it is decided to initiate the proceedings of an international adoption, it is essential to successfully obtain information in the services of minors of the independent communities, (the Ministry of Social Subjects does not have competitions in this matter) and of the Main directorate of the Minor and the Family, to find out the countries that contemplate the figure of the adoption in their legislation, as well as the requirements that each of them demands, and if collaborating organizations credited by these organizations exist, to select the country. Once decided the origin of the boy, it will be necessary to initiate the file.

Pablo Freire

Based in the constatao of the previous research, in the premise that the conceptions of art direct the ways to teach it and in the necessity to carry through transforming pedagogical actions in this area, this project with the objective was considered to extend the conceptions of art leading in to know brought them to consideration for the pupil and in accordance with to reconstruct them the context and the necessities of each one, thus looking for to enrich the knowledge of each one. The complementation of the pertaining to school resume through the education for the art opens an important space of enrichment on the part of the pupil, whom it desires to extend its knowledge in relation the visual arts. The art is considered as an important educative work, therefore it looks for through individual trends, to show ways for formation of the taste of each individual, as well as stimulating intelligence, contributing for the formation of the personality of the human being, without having as concern the formation of artists. It is good for adding that in its creative work the individual uses and perfects processes that develop the comment, the perception, the imagination, the reasoning and the control of the ample and fine motricidade. In the process of learning and creativity the being must search the proper emotion, to become free themselves of the tensions, to adjust themselves, to organize the thought, feelings, sensations and to form work habits even though, at last to educate themselves and to include themselves in the social environment. The Hayzlett Group wanted to know more. In accordance with Streck, has an exclusion reality which shamefully we give in them to the luxury to coexist. Our country, had one of the biggest educators and that it revolutionized the idea of education and alfabetizao and that from its experience contributes to rethink all the education, that was Pablo Freire. .