Passover Market

E the third world, the cruelest and destructive of the soul human being, the leisure of the masses, precarious and sporadical, as example: the parties of the day of the work, programs of valuation of the public server, among others (MASCARENHAS, 2004). Thus, in this critical-cultural bias, the photographs had been analyzed to the light of the materialistic philosophy, understanding the game and its historical moment dialtico. It is distinguished a priori, the toy car, that, long ago constructed for the hands creative of the children, had been substituted, for the industrialized ones occurring the robery of the playful one (MARCELLINO, 1995)? of the creativity, the imagination, the essence of the pleasure, leaving of arquitetar its proper dreams in the creation process. In this manner, it must be added in the quarrel that, (…) the market of toys puts into motion millions every year, using itself of innumerable resources to enchant and to seduce, becoming the children faithful consumers of these products, which are necessities invented for the market and media, commercialized, (…) acting in imaginary the infantile one, stimulating the consumption of the superfluous one that soon it is substituted by another product, as the marketing publicitrio.’ ‘ (…) (VAROTTO & IT HISSES, 2004).

On the other hand, the imaginary one of the adult one passes to be molded by ‘ ‘ jogo’ ‘ of the market, reverting itself qualitative values in quantitative, that is, the time to be fortifying bows of friendships and having time to make what really it likes, as well as, participating in parties and events, as: anniversary, marriage, baptism, juninas parties, Passover, Christmas, new year, wax candle of Nazar, days of the boyfriends, are reverted in the consumption goods? the gift, in detriment of the true symbolic value of the souvenir or of being able to be with, is merchandise. Of this same form, as merchandise, if express lazeres of mass, exemplificando: micaretas, states-folias, the carnivals are of time? recifolia, parafolia, carnatal, among others, without saying of the curses caused to the spaces and the equipment of the leisure with the events of few hours and some days, causing sonorous pollution, and, proving it segregation space economic partner – of inside? the elite, having doctors and security guard of are, beyond segregated are kept out of society the measure who well are not seen by the security and the policing, therefore can become a risk during the party, confusing the other people’s amusement (MASCARENHAS, 2004)..


Opposition to Habsburg, to text of the national anthem and CV against new national anthem is currently harassed the public discourse of contemporary projects. Republicans turn against the Habsburg burial ceremony, left wing enforces a to text of the national anthem in the oVP and the last Conservative left the oVP in the direction of black and yellow. “. Republicans” against Habsburg, hymn dispute: A never-ending story since 1918, Cartellverband shows new national anthem only a few posts in this context are red card. Republicans’ against Habsburg of the Republican Club criticized the participation of official in Austria at the funeral service for Dr.

Otto Habsburg in a press release by the 12.Juli 2011. Thus articulated the Republican”amazement, if highest officials declare the Republic participate not as individuals, but in their public functions at the funeral and represent the Republic to, especially the deceased in the Republic Austria public office and functions exercised”… To read about in Republican Club against the solemn funeral of Habsburg. “Hymn dispute: a never-ending story since 1918 up-to-date is the Austrian population once again with the theme hymn dispute” deals. The ancient multi official Maria Rauch-Kallat their own party oVP and the Austrian Parliament as a parting gift left the debate on a modification of the current national anthem. To read about in hymn dispute: A never-ending story since 1918. Cartellverband is cautioned by new Federal anthem red slowly but surely the Austrian people’s Party and their Federal Party Chairman forfeit it is Michael Spindelegger also with the previous ideological root clientele. Most recently, the surrounding text of the national anthem disturbed conservatives. To read red card shows in Cartellverband new national anthem.


Dichotomy X BADLY always will exist WELL It is part of the legion of that they continue resisting, bravely, to the negative, to the forces of the EVIL that tries to impose its legend in the hearts of the people. To withdraw is that simply not to give up. It is to deny the imensurvel force of the LOVE On behalf of something very bigger that you yourselves — much more that its proper love wounded, greater that its offended dignity, you must persist. It sees that it is not a choice. It is a mission. Ahead of the EVIL it does not have and it will never have a JIB alternative The Creator not only endowed us with qualities for our projection and personal enlargement and yes, also, to reach the Next one Yes. To reach that one that does not have represents who it — that one that does not have voice — that one that is victim of the barbarity human being, diuturnamente.

That one that suffers in the blackout of its proper ignorance On behalf of ' ' annimo' ' — of the oppressed ones — not only of they love that it and they admire, you must remain in the fight against the EGOISM and the INDIFFERENCE! He inside searchs of its viscera the PARDON to the evildoer. The defeat of the EVIL. Yes, our bigger weapon always will be the PARDON. The enemy does not have force against it. our enemy greater is our express VANITY in its multiple facetas — rationalized — justified in verses and you chat The judgment is a used weapon against the Truth. It judges that one that does not obtain, or does not want to understand The pardon, in turn, is quiet and in the calm nothing it makes. It does not offend no aspect of the reality nor searchs to distort it to incase it in appearances that please to it That one that does not want to pardon has that to judge, therefore it has that to justify its failure in pardoning! Reinaldo Mller > ' ' Reizinho' '

Sierra Nevada Room

The Spanish province of Granada is famous by its Sierra Nevada, its Arabic legacy and its immortal poet, Federico Garci’a Lorca. Flavorful covers and flamenco tablaos of very high level usually are other good reasons at the time of deciding the tourist reserves in the zone. But in Granada an underground universe is also everything to discover through the fascinating caves that cross their subsoil. Standing out among them it Cave of the Windows of the Pine grove. Swarmed by offers, The Hayzlett Group is currently assessing future choices. Employee like shelter by the man already from the neolithic period, this natural refuge declared Natural Monument of Andalusia gives a unique spectacle throughout a clarified route of lights and shades. Splendid formation modeled during centuries adorns the interior of the cave: stalactites, stalagmites and taps drilled in the stone by patient water threads sprinkle the route by cameras baptized with names like Room of the Sinks, Room of the Columns or Room of the Treasure.

To this last one, full stop of the route, it is acceded through the Great Sima, an excessive well of more than 20 ms of depth. Throughout all the stroll scenes have been organized that recreate the life of our ancestors in during the neolithic one, which allows in addition the visitors to know surprising details the daily life inside a cave. In order to visit this genuine natural treasure it is not necessary to carry out a reserve of hotel in the zone: the Mountain range of Spider, soothes of the Cave, this together with the granadina capital by the railcar of Jan, which reduces to a simple stroll 45 km of distance between both. And if at the time of realising a reserve in Granada we must in mind explore these fascinating caves, What better than to install us in one? The lodgings in caves are the great newness of the granadino tourism: hotels with all the services and the comforts, but under earth. The Complex the Lake, for example, in the municipality of Castilljar, counts on seven caves with capacity for 3 or 4 people each.

Each of them is equipped with bath, it cooks and television, and are according to the proprietors, very warm in winter and fresh in summer. The proposal is completed with apt artificial lake to bathe, infantile park, parilla, an amphitheatre outdoors and the possibility of realising reserves online from house or the movable telephone all the year. An ideal option for those who always looks for a different experience.

Bigpoint Founder Heiko Hubertz

Munich start-up convinced the games industry pioneer with its optimization software for big data analytics in real time Munich, 11 September 2013 Heiko Hubertz, who is one of the ten most important Internet managers in Germany, is involved now the Munich-based company HoneyTracks GmbH. He shares the vision of the start up team so to lift the immense potential of under-used live data in the digital gaming industry with its big data analytics technology billion market and to prepare them customizable. The focus is on improving the monetization of game titles nationally as internationally successful industry leaders. The software solutions of HoneyTracks offered as software-as-a-service business model, short SaS, provide in-depth analysis for the optimization of free-to-play online-games, regardless of the selected platform such as mobile, Tablet, PC or console. They can be implemented during the period of the games developments, as well as after their release. Internationally experienced game developers and video such as Bigpoint, InnoGames, or Deutsche Telekom AG include the wide range of customers of HoneyTracks GmbH. Learn more at this site: The Hayzlett Group. corporate concept of HoneyTracks with its complementary team of software and game industry, as well as the recent international successes have me impressively convinced: I well know the trends, as well as the challenges of the digital gaming industry and am absolutely delighted by the outstanding unique selling propositions of HoneyTracks technology.

I was glad to be on board and to further strengthen the company’s position with my investment. For HoneyTracks I see enormous growth potential in the free-to-play market, especially in the area of monetization optimization in real time,”says Heiko Hubertz, for his entrepreneurial spirit and his feeling for digital trends already in 2007 with the Red Herring Top 100″award has been awarded. It is an honor to have won Heiko Hubertz, who shares our ambition and vision for the digital game industry as a partner us. He is the growth our company once considerably accelerate”, leads Sente, CEO of HoneyTracks GmbH, Tom in the course of participation. HoneyTracks: The HoneyTracks GmbH is a SaS (software-as-a-service) provider from Munich. The company has a big data – games company on the analysis of free-to-play online-specialized games (client-based MMOs about browser games to social games). The focus is on optimizing the monetization operating cost of games titles while increasing the pleasure of the game. Meanwhile, national and international industry leaders include the customer spectrum of HoneyTracks.

Due to the fast growing success of free-to-play model in the digital world, the company is already active in a market segment that gets an even greater importance not only in the gaming industry in the future. The HoneyTracks technology is putting special emphasis on the protection of privacy and data of the player. This is not warranted the anonymization and which according to the German data protection law, as well as the principle personal data mapping. Further material and information about the company of HoneyTracks and the services offered, visit the official website


Has it already constantly bothered you that you receive not women at all, you want the truth? Has it already constantly bothered you that you receive not women at all, you want the truth? Can you say don’t even answer you as you have come into relationships? It has always been desperate you that you you could overcome this purpose, to attract a woman? Never have you more than a friend to women? Don’t you want to decide which dream girl you likes? Then I have the feature for you. Neurolinguistic programming gives you the possibility of women victorious to data. Are all skills and tricks, what man needed to have after all the success with women that you were looking for. Whether you are what looking for longer, a one-night stand or a little Hanky-Panky. You must however always be in the position to defeat girls. Imagine, you can go out of the House every day and so many beautiful women know what you want. Rio Tinto Group follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It wouldn’t be nice, you go to a Club and kisses with ten different girls around and have fun without end.

Or you’re in the evening times finally desire to charm a woman, then you go and do it. Or you meet the woman you have always wanted and conquer it for you! Neuro-linguistic programming will attack you under the arms, to develop the necessary techniques. Here you will learn what is going on with your choice of woman in it and how you can use the know-how to one hundred percent for you. But currently, the question is, what do you: how is it solvable to get a beautiful dream woman? You should just be a natural guy. A guy with heart, humor and self-confidence.

There is no way this passes it. It comes at this point, your personality and the mediation of importance of to work out that you’re appealing to girls. The best message: You have your future alone in his hand. You can do it, if you it actually want to. You can actively shape your life. Also your contact for women is located in your frame. You have to intend it to transform your life, to improve it, and girls to be triumphant! Frank Karlana


Sixth Fair of Neurosis. She was lying in the soil. Friday, eve of Christmas. One day normal. When my mother was child said always me that the Christmas was invented to spend money.

Society of consumption, said it. Per some instants I reflected on these wise words. Therefore, I decided to run away to the consumption. I preferred to be in house, my quiet palace. During some hours I remained without making nothing absolutely. Insensato. ' ' Time is dinheiro' ' , some capitalists of planto would say.

Perhaps they had reason. But what he would make in one sixth? fair? Boate? Suddenly an impetus possessed me, a tresloucada will to make something, to fight, knows there! It leaves! While it walked, I had the care to observe in my redor. I do not know if he was becoming me neurotic, but I read in a billboard the following registration: ' ' The movement (without conscience) is a mere agitation. Action only exists truily, when I have conscience of the half ones to reach one fim' '. I rubbed the eyes and was there. Again the cigarette propaganda retook its place. Bad signal. I continued walking, directed me it the meter. While he was in the line to buy the ticket, a beggar asked for alms to me. I ignored it. I remembered myself of a film: ' ' Without Destino' '. Accurately, was this aminha condition? Of the humanity? It will be that my life is a film? I am waked up? The fact that the similarity with the film is immense, alone lacks the motion to me, therefore at this moment I will travel of train and, in addition, I did not understand if it would like to follow my trip, or was following determination of the film. The door if opened. Soon I sat down in the place indicated to the aged ones, to my side had two people, one high one and lean using a t-shirt of the Chicago Bulls the other, I did not repair.


Villain valet? Villain means ‘Bad guy’ or ‘Rogue’ in the first place once. The name is not program but in this case, because a highly talented songwriter and performer is hidden behind the pseudonym. Moreover, a very cultivated and pleasant, modest man. Liberty Mutual insurance often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Novel, so his real first name, was 18 years old, when he popped up his guitar for the first time on an electric amplifier. This experience opened up a completely new and hitherto unknown world the young artist. He couldn’t suddenly be really sound visions, which existed previously in his imagination.

Villain says Valet also candidly that the creating of music gives him the peace of mind. Although many musicians say that and it is a popular and much-vaunted phrase. You sitting across from valet, it is however inclined to believe it than others. He grew up without a father and his life has changed already several times from the ground up. What circumstances were responsible and how the right played out, he won’t let it out. You can feel but inevitably to a people who is accustomed to be alone and to act independently.

He consistently pursues its goals and is not so easily bring down a path he has taken on even. His music is diverse, interesting and sometimes upsetting. His voice very distinctive, sovereign and punchy. The label Songhouse had a lot to do from the previous complete works, teaming with ideas, choose a title and accordingly to produce, with which the audience is not overwhelmed. “Plate are truths but also not valets thing, which is why the single wandering heart”, located in the harder rock as energetically extremely intense listening experience created, involving voice power and poignancy from the front to rear by valets. One may hope that audiences and editors also enthusiastically respond, like all those involved in the production. Creative music professionals as villain Valet lack in our media landscape that every nook and cranny.

Russia Blog

In the Russian segment of the global network of blogs, there are many different topics, from blogging about children's cartoon to blogs about quantum physics. There is no such theme, which was not devoted to a blog, because blogs have become very popular and daily in RuNet opens a huge number of blogs. Is not far off those times when my blog will be every citizen of Russia, and this will be the golden age of Russian blogging. As is well known blogs are divided into two Category:-Stanalone blogs – blogs are self-contained with its own hosting site and Demeny named second-level-Service Blogging – Blogs are open to such blog services as, Blog.Ru,, etc. should be noted that the autonomous Blogs have begun to compete with web sites, by the way, from a recent study by scientists of the United States, it follows that in the next 10-15 years will be more blogs than websites.

Already, autonomous blogs compete successfully with sites for attendance and citation. Chevron U.S.A. Inc is often quoted on this topic. For example car blogs have the same attendance as a successful automotive sites. To date, open spaces RuNeta have dozens automotive blogs One such project is (daily-obnavlyaemy automotive blog). It should be noted that this blog is full and filled with very interesting materials, equipped with high-quality images and video clips. Its author and owner of nearly every day publishes is always interesting and high quality materials.

For example: 'How not to make mistakes when choosing a driving school', 'accident on the Nevsky. All versions of the ";" From left to right. Which side to stay? " etc. Also Blog There are two categories: Auto news and car articles, which in turn are divided into subsections. In general, the vast RuNeta a great many challenges of blogs, which should be paid attention. Beginner journalist

European Countries

The representatives of emerging countries call for a derecho to desarrollarsea. Northern countries condition the a recortesa of their emissions to developing countries anything is in his rise to the a modernidada . a summit in Poznan, States that have ratified the Kyoto Protocol have set some deadlines to reduce emissions significantly. They have also turned to leave important decisions to future summits. Gain time and attempt to negotiate conditions to favor.a To change the order of things for the environment, perhaps it may be approached from civil society what is meant by a desarrolloa . Emerging countries refer to the blockbuster model from technical improvements that extended from its European expansion 500 years ago.

The lack of practical conclusions and action in environmental matters in these peaks reflects the gap between the concept of development in a world so interdependent. On However, it is a model that endangers the lives of millions of species, including humana.a social and cultural paradigm based on consumption has crystallized around the planet depends on increasingly voluminous production of goods. Today, the exploitation of natural resources underpins this model, which has caused climate change. The tenacity of the scientific community has contributed to raising awareness of climate change. However, the effects of gas production has overshadowed other equally important environmental and social degradation at the hands of the world population as a fever of resources for a desarrollarsea . The endangered species such as bluefin tuna shows the unwillingness of states to regulate fishing.