Computer AutoCad

Today, there are a whole lot of solutions. This article will discuss the three most ubiquitous in the world and Russia, their benefits, features. Program for drawing on the computer that I paid attention – this is AutoCad, Compass and NanoCad. And now More details about each of them. 1.

AutoCad Manufacturer – AutoDesk. => The solution is perfect for architects, builders and all allied health professionals. The most experienced program, the age of almost 30 years. In addition to buildings and engineering systems, and in AutoCAD You can draw other things (such as mechanisms for details). In this case the negative – the absence of libraries of standard parts of the Manufacturer – ASCON, Russia. => The solution is well suited for engineers who design mechanisms, machine parts, assemblies (with taking into account the Russian standards). Comes in two versions: Compass Chart – for two-dimensional design. It is also fully functional as AutoCad. Kompas-3D – solution for three-dimensional modeling. Plus Compass – if you draw details assembly units of machines, etc. – you can use the supplied library of standard parts for the Russian guests. (Eg, bolts, nuts, pins, nodes). Good options for downloading – the sea. Enter a search engine, “Kompas 3D Download “or” compass chart download. ” 3. NanoCad. => The decision is good because it has special separate branches – for electricians, for low-voltage systems, for planning. nanoCAD – a very young Russian is a freely available basic CAD platform for different industries. This solution contains the basic design tools, intuitive interface, and support for formats of drawings from AutoCad. If you think, that go from AutoCAD, then NanoCad – one of the nice solutions. For example, those who design systems and fire alarm system, they can choose NanoCad OPS.


Nowadays the Internet is famous for great pace of development. He has penetrated into all spheres of life: education, work, business, and so on. For some people the Internet has become the work, which earn. There are many online scams that by any means trying to take away your money and precious time. I will teach you how to protect your computer from hackers who are hackers? Hacker (from the English.

Hack – hack) – highly skilled IT professional, a man who understands the very basics of computer systems. This word is also often used to refer to a computer hacker. But not all hackers can be called 'friendly'. Many hackers write malicious programs to infect your computer. Recently from an acquaintance, I heard that he drove the virus. After restarting the computer in his window pops up: "To remove the banner, send SMS to XXXXX 'sending sms, with you will remove a lot of money.

If you climbed into your computer like viruses (sending SMS), then use the service to disable Kaspersky extortionists-blockers. Click on the link and proceed as instructed. Types of hacker attacks 1. Worms A worm is a virus that spreads via the Internet, affecting the entire system rather than separate programs. This is the most dangerous type of virus, as targets of attack in this case are information systems national scale. With the advent of global Internet this kind of security breach poses the greatest threat, since it at any time may be subject to any of the 40 million computers connected to that network. 2. Trojan viruses, Trojan horse – a program that contains a certain destructive function that is activated upon the occurrence of certain conditions of operation. Typically, such programs are disguised as some useful utilities. Trojan horses are programs that implement addition to the features described in the documentation and other functions related to security breaches, and destructive actions. Marked If you create such programs in order to facilitate the spread of viruses. Lists of such programs are widely published in the foreign press. Usually they are disguised as games or entertainment programs and harm under the beautiful pictures or music. Software tab also contains a function that afflicts the Sun, but this function is, by contrast, tries to be as unobtrusively as possible, because The longer the program will not arouse suspicion, the Bookmark longer able to work. 3. Computer viruses Virus – a program that has the ability to reproduce. Malicious programs and their classification. Description of the major viruses. Chronology of their occurrence. Description of the most popular antivirus programs. Comparison of antivirus software. How to protect yourself from hackers 1. Do not trust spam! Most viruses spread via email, icq, chat, etc. 2. Download from verified sites. Since most sites, themed 'Breaking' free from viruses. 3. Update software. Hackers often use your hole in the browser .. 4. You must have a reliable anti-virus Antivirus Lists: Kaspersky, Avast, Nod32 Frequently updated anti-virus software and do a full system scan. 5. Do not visit questionable sites.

Computer Courses

Many of us in his career or looking for work find the need to increase their own knowledge in information technology and computer skills. Someone needs to "Tighten" their skills, who wants to learn new programs, thereby improving their professional qualifications, but many people need to master the computer, they say, "from scratch". When choosing a training center, which you're going to take a particular course to improve their own computer literacy, it is important to consider several factors. First of all, it's time the existence of the CA, which tells about the experience as well as qualification of teachers. The teacher should have significant experience with software products. Ideally, teachers of computer courses themselves to be practitioners in their field. It will allow you to rest assured that the practical examples in which you are studying, are not abstract problems, the contrary – with any of the following tasks you might encounter at work.

The next criterion – a small size of the groups, which allows each student to receive adequate attention of the teacher. In addition, TC, of course, must have a modern computer labs and technical support. Not Equally important, what document you receive after the computer courses. Government issued identification to increase computer skills would be a good addition to your resume. Even more valuable to employer may be certified international level, which will confirm your competence in the field of IT, not only in Russia but also abroad.

Another important criterion, speaking in favor of a CA – the possibility of get professional help in finding work after graduating computer courses, it is no secret that the increase of computer competency for many is a new step in his career. So here's the most important signs of serious Training Centre: – Comprehensive training courses: from the basics of PC software to the professional level. – Education for all programs takes place in small groups no more than 6 people. – Qualified teachers who constantly improve their professional level and have considerable experience. – Modern computer labs and technical support. – Upon completion of training shall be issued a the state standard. – Center for the issuance of the European Computer Driving Licence (International Certificate ECDL – European Computer Driving Licence). – Department of employability. – Corporate training, teacher leave the office.