An advance represents the 740/2006 ruling of the TSJ in Catalonia, section 4th of October 6, 2006, which already recognizes the dangerousness of the guardrails, but dismissed the claim given the negligent performance of the biker. As an antecedent of the sentence that says, the 60/2004 ruling of the TSJ in Catalonia, section 1st of 19 January 2004, indicated that: we must recognize that the existence and installation of the fence were not conforming with applicable law the day of the accident but in order circular 325/95 (December 1995) relating to Recommendations on vehicle containment systems of the Ministry of public works recommended employment as barriers stand metallic type steel profiles C instead of type I (which was placed in the A-19 day 12.11.97) which however was still authorized the employment of the of This last class but with the directive that its partial replacement and maintenance will be held with the new type, i.e., C, until 6/2001, of 24.10.01 order, we proceeded to the prohibition of that kind of media. It is, without doubt, an issue to which a special follow-up should be since it, in addition to current, presents the greatest interest. An accomplished sentence very interesting is the recent judgment of the Court of the contentious administrative of Palma de Mallorca on 30 July 2007 that imputes liability to the administration by the risk that contracts against the managed if the cause of damage lies precisely in those declared effective security measures but that it has been shown that are highly dangerous and causing severe damage, so that impacts on road safety against the managed bankruptcy. This is the path to follow to continue to defend the management responsibility in maintaining these misnamed protection systems that so much damage are causing users of public roads such as bikers, because in them not only circulating four-wheeled vehicles.

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Program Popular Pharmacy

The material was produced by the organization not governmental Center of Creation of Popular Image (Cecip) and destines it the units of the Program Popular Pharmacy of Brazil, to the agents of health, professionals of sanitary monitoring, professors and agencies of defense of the consumer. According to World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) exists a pharmacy for each three a thousand inhabitants, when the number praised for the OMS is of one for each group of 8 a thousand inhabitants. It is emphasized opinion of Santi, when more responsibility to the State in relation had to be credited to the attitudes of the propaganda, as well as the proper influence of the advertising inthe self-medication; however, making use of the dialectic to analyze the opinions of studious specialists and in the subject, it is perceivable, mainly in the workmanship of Moraes that is necessary an awareness of the population, and that root of the problem is in the information, either for the lack of it, or simply for the quality with that it arrives at the consuming potentials of pharmaceutical products. Relating the opinion of the students of the PUC and the result of the cited research already, it is visible that, analyzing the academic situation of the students, as well as its degree of escolaridade, the massive presence of propagandas in the daily one of them already is not of as much relevance when they go to automedicar itself. Having this result as base, and using of theoretical basement the theories of Moraes and Santi, it can perceive a standard in relation to the paradox of if automedicar and the opinions of the authors. The fact is justified thus: considering the opinion of Moraes, if well-behaved in relation the benefits and curses the population can automedicar itself for small males; in turn Santi alleges in its theory that fits to the propaganda and the lack of regulation of it the fact of the self-medication to be seen in so pejorativa way.