Playstation Network

In any case, let’s see what each of them offers. Microsoft bet from the beginning by the Live!, and if it was good in the first Xbox, its latest console have improved it even more. On the one hand we can receive system updates, including improvements in the backward compatibility. On the other hand, in the Bazaar can download demos, trailers – both games and movies-, extra content, and Live Arcade games!. Recently also added the ability to chat with Messenger – keyboard incl.-accessory, and in future it is planned that movies and TV shows to be downloaded, and you can enjoy TV over IP. You can do all this with a free Silver account, but if you want to play on-line, we must periodically pay an amount to have the Gold service.

It should be noted that this does not include fees arising from massive multiplayer type games extras. On the other hand, Sony has created the Playstation Network, with an online store from which you can also download demos, trailers, games, and extras including some titles for the original Playstation. The service is free, including the possibility to play on-line with some games. Currently is the supply of games that allow this possibility low, and in fact some multiplatform as Virtua Tennis 3? They can only be played via the Internet on Xbox 360, but it is expected that this situation will improve with time. It is also possible to browse the Internet with a browser developed by NetFront, although Javascript and plugins support is limited. On the other hand, it cannot be denied that the panorama of services on-line in this console is really promising, with Playstation Home by flag, the interesting co-operative game Little Big Planet or songs of the next shop SingStar. Wii has several services on-line, in addition to a store where you can download some applications and games for consoles past – both Nintendo and SEGA and other companies-, the so-called Virtual Console.

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