Nestor Kirchner

Nestor Kirchner death is something that we must not fear because, while we are, death is not, and when death is, we are not. Antonio Machado as already we have expressed on several occasions, we do not know when we play starting, sometimes death occurs and invites us to travel with her when we least expect it, many times your invitation is done peacefully, others a little violent, as has happened to Nestor Kirchner by using a cardiac arrest, and perhaps when least expected. The truth, that their passage through this planet Earth has ended, leaving only the actions, tasks, mission which took place while was given the opportunity of living in a country that was to occur in this dimension, as it is Argentina. Without their actions however, works have pierced the Argentina border and were screened in other countries, specifically those of the continent of Latin America, which is trying to emerge later. Sadness, regret has been with his departure, when nobody expected it, precisely in this regard Ciro Annicchiarico says: today, When it has been started, what it warns is pain sincere honest citizens, mobilizing spontaneous society, the people who want it, pushed by the same feeling made explicit, thousands of expressions without prior script, thousands of hand-written posters, all repeat the same thing: was one of us. He says, that with plenty of samples of affection, the long row – of up to twenty blocks from citizens of all ages – wound in an orderly manner, in the midst of fences and tight security, to enter the Funeral Chapel by Balcarce 50 access and give their last farewell to former President.From 10, when opened the doors of the Hall of American Patriots, not only citizens were against coffin, but also Presidents of the region, Cabinet members, Governors, mayors, legislators, opposition leaders, representatives of the field of culture, entertainment, and social movements.The slogan for the thousands of Argentines who waited their turn along the Avenida de Mayo was enter without political flags, which was fulfilled – especially during the morning – for men, women and children who, in Exchange, broke the silence with applause and slogans of support Cristina, who remained throughout the day next to the coffin.However, as he was advancing the afternoon increased the intensity of the applause, chants and words of support for the head of State.

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