Los Angeles Times

After the event on Youtube, the video was shown on several television programs and highly commented by funny scene. Given the success of visits and generated noise, they now offer the DVD of complete wedding for $9.99 on their official website become film even with your own trailer. The video has more than 2 million visits, excluding versions uploaded by other users. Otherwise the previous videos, this video gave talk about since it was published in several blogs in which they indicate that it was an Assembly and not a rugged reality wedding. The newspaper, the Los Angeles Times revealed the true story a year later.

This was a production sponsored by Nancy Moonves, former wife of an Executive at the CBS television network. Conclusions * from the slogan of Youtube: broadcast yourself was taken in seriously by the users, the options of choice about what to see, enjoy and share remain in the hands of each one. This has allowed to be users who decide to get out of anonymity to others and make them into a media phenomenon. * Regularly viral as well as comical and sympathetic videos, take effect only once, although producer attempt to recreate the formula, not perceived with the same force as the first experience. * Even with strategies to disseminate in all networks and possible means, is the end user who takes it shares.

The user is not dumb and if perceived lack of transparency in the communication or in the intention of disseminating it, will not share. * Who created a video in order to make it viral, must be willing to others re-utilicen it or to publish it in their video channels. * Although the funny effect of a fall or a moment of embarrassment capture the attention of users, it is important to mention that these videos in general, manage certain types of light humor where the story does not end in tragedy or put at risk the integrity of its participants.

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