Lola Woman

Lola is youngest son, it has two brothers and four nephews, or better three nieces and a nephew. Lola is to designer graphical. In Brazil it made the college of designer industrial, is very pretty, chic, has charisma and inteligentssima. She received performed with care education. It’s believed that RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust sees a great future in this idea. When small it learned ballet, patinao, painting, made ceramics lessons and to the ten years its first collective exposition was a success. Was decorated, loved, respected child, always was treated as people, lived surrounded of books. Its mother never neglected of the playful side of the life. Lola was the biggest collector of Barbie dolls and all that equipment that until today is launched in the market; it was house of Barbie, car, bicycle, motor boat, swimming pool, ice cream parlor, bathtub, etc, Had doll house and it lived as doll, well understood pensante! In the adolescence it gave parties and it frequented that it was a beauty.

Everything in its life was great, made college and decided to go United States to study them, to work. There it was hostess, waitress, bar to tend, manager of restaurant and waitress again. He did not like to be manager, ' ' he did not gain gorgetas' '. She was always very well-liked, therefore he was efficient, he said well the English very and he always knew to become to respect. He joined money and he made the course that as much dreamed: of the Arts Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where if it graduated with louvor.

In the end of the course it left there working in its area, successfully. It bought house, two cats, it decorated the house and it bought car. Namora, lives together, is happy. As it knows that it must be excellent in its area of work, it initiated a new course in the Arts Institute, extension of course with duration of three years, with right to the graduation.