Vsquez Being

This distinction of object nature, of methods, enough evident in our days, not yet was understood in the dawn of modern science. Sciences must be heard with respect, mansido and must always be stamped a pact for the well biggest one of the humanity, to be successful? certezas and the deadly speeches and speech of that if they find owners of the truth. The more express it is the ignorance, more believes to be possessing of the truth. The scientific, accurate and theological activity, will have in account the same moral and the totality of the person human being. Christian ethics and faith will not be harmful to the scientific activity, but this colquio can be propedutico moment when deciphering the human enigma and the mystery of God. One understands that ethical and the moral has a very important place in the integral process of the human being. The moral is the way as the man if it holds represented in a set of norms and rules, that is, the act of the human being. As Vsquez (2005) the moral is not science, but object of science, and, in this direction, is for studied and investigated it. Faith and reason walk interlaced, together, joined in one alone objective: to make with that the human being grows and if develops with its cognitivas capacities being respected of full form in the search of its interior growth being both valued. FINAL CONSIDERAES the challenge of the quarrel do not have scaring in them, therefore who has faith and will to believe the institution and in the will of God, it knows to wait, understanding that: ' ' The true duties of the religion are independent of the institutions human beings, who a heart just is the true temple of the deity, that in all the countries and all the seitas, to love the God above all and next as itself exactly are the summary of the law, that do not have religion that it excuses the duties of the moral, that does not have others truily essential not to be this and that interior cult is the first one of these duties and that without the faith, no true virtue existe' ' (Rousseau).