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Excellent opportunities with world’s badly needed vegetable raw material for the production of biomass Konstanz, June 29, 2012. The market for renewable raw materials as a source of renewable energy is growing rapidly. So the European environmental directives stipulate that coal-fired plants in the future with must burn biomass, in order to avoid their production of electricity of penalty payments. This sets the energy companies under pressure, because there is a widespread ignorance about how the giant required amounts of biomass is used to produce. At the same time, the German Agency for renewable energy concludes that up to 50 percent of today’s global primary energy demand from power plants could be discovered when using the half of the world’s potentially usable wasteland areas.

The market potential is so on hundreds billions of dollars. Now, the clean planet Verwaltungs GmbH with seat in Konstanz offers investors with the bamboo energy 1 GmbH & co. KG”the chance of an already existing farming company to the Philippines, with short-term sale of harvested, renewable raw materials, primarily in the form of wood chips (wood chips) for power generation, to participate. This company is the Tablas bamboo plantation Corp., which produces extremely rapidly renewable bamboo based on ethical considerations, exclusively to previously unused wasteland. So there are no conflicts with the food-producing agriculture. “The adjoining Muhammad bamboo has eight times faster growth and a five-fold higher density than normal bamboo without using genetic engineering, and incorporates a number of unusual properties, in addition the him to the power plant of choice” make and ideal for the production of biomass. The Tablas bamboo plantation Corp. could already close a letter of intent about the decrease in the total production of wood chips agreed within the framework of the Fund with an international power plant operators. The Republic of the Philippines itself is among the positive examples of the recent political and economic development.