Middle Ages

Suzanne, meanwhile said he did not celebrate Valentine’s Day: “I really do not celebrate, but it is true that this is an opportunity to find an excuse to have dinner a little special at home and get in a cozy atmosphere, nothing but two. Saliha, although more virulent protests against the St. Valentine’s Day: “It’s a commercial festival where women have not passed the fairytale dream of a publicly conventionally romantic evening. I get proof of my man every day. It’s so predictable, and artificial joint to wait a day for 365 to celebrate our love.

“Well, if with all this, men do not understand their girlfriend, wife or other for that matter, like having evidence of love every day, not only material, it is time to open our eyes … Others such as Isabelle does not see it at all the same? It. When asked what is the ideal Valentine for her, she does not hesitate to tell us that “The food is obviously essential. But like the traditional red roses available in a lovely place, full of romance and surprising. Yes, I celebrate the St. Valentine’s Day and if those dates were not available, we tend to forget certain customs. “And Isabella reminded us a bit of history:” I read an article dan last week that the Valentine has been associated with romantic love as from the Middle Ages, before that, she was associated with physical love. I must admit that the mixture of the two suits me perfectly! “.