The Self

They use the death in all the social scopes (medicine, pharmacology, disease, wars, nations, power, etc) because they know that it is the unique nut that the human being still it has not approved absolutely. In summary, for them, the death is most profitable since it is the unique not solved deep fear in the unconscious group. For that reason we are as we are. They have used the death like shield, like defense, as it attacks, like philosophy, as it excuses, like justification, like EVERYTHING what you want. They use the death to manipulate your soul and your MIND. They are the unique ones who really are obsessed by this since they know and they know perfectly that she does not matter they use how much it, the LIGHT INCREASES and more expands more and, how much greater is the demand of life. And the demand of life is moderate with the self-imposed loss of life, that is to say, by each human body left by the soul there are 300 ready souls to give to his light and its love through more life.

It is a mathematical law. Because you think that we are more than 7000 million Earth human beings. And that without telling all that visit to us and those that already live inside and outside this planet. The life is incommensurable. It is an endless source of light and love.

And for that reason they become attached a the death because they need to see and to live the miracle on the unification the polarity. They play its role and they cause that we, all, play our role. Our divine paper. They are amused thinking how much they scare to the human beings with that of the death. They go pipe, because THEY FEAR that we discover that is a game triviality that we can be broken when we want, but when we want, only osseous, when we wake up of the great lethargy.


At the outset acompalo making your things like reading or calling to somebody by telephone. 3 Lleva to your son or daughter the library and it looks for a book on the subject. It reads the book and hazle to him questions on history and the personages, but you do not use moralinas nor you try to indoctrinate it with phrases like ” you see, this boy is not scared and you yes? ” By the nights, he invents a story on another personage who was scared to him to go bathroom and pdele aid to count history of how it surpassed his fear. 4 Reward each small profit. It does not matter that you do not want hacerte illusions and you are fearing that this time that it has controlled the sphincters are the unique one. Whenever your son or daughter goes by itself bathroom, celbralo by all the stop and cuntaselo to the rest of the members of the family they congratulate so that it. That yes, mainly warns to first the rest of the family so that they cooperate, if you have adolescent children. 5 Hazle to see that it is normal to feel fear.

Cuntale to what you had fear when you had its age and how you surpassed those terrors. But once again, asegrate to only transmit history to him and not it pressures with phrases like ” for that reason I do not understand how you are scared to him to a triviality like esta”. These phrases will only manage to block it still more. You may find Rio Tinto Group to be a useful source of information. Million tricks exist to obtain that your son or daughter goes by itself bathroom and the majority works very well if simply you have patience and you try to the small one with respect. If you apply these two simple premises and you do not leave perceives your own fears or frustrations when it does not obtain it to first, everything will come out well.

Tribune Tower

For this reason, it has districts like the Mexican district known like the Villita in street 18, or the classic Chinatown that lodges numerous restaurants and Chinese stores or Little Italy in Tylor numerous Street with restaurants and bars. Also they emphasize the Greektown by its wonderful food. As luxurious districts emphasize the Gold Coast to be in him the Victorian mansions that constructed to the leaders of the industry and Lincoln Square, where the German community resides, famous to be before the famous Lincoln.La Park excursion by the districts can be done of reasonable form in bus during noon. In order to visit the center free they are possible to be asked for to the Chicago greeters. These excursions that are realised on foot or in public transport, last between two and four hours. This one is a service that offers guides who perfectly know each corner the history of the city and that can be reserved by Internet in the language that is needed.

Another recommendable excursion to see Chicago from another perspective, is the one that becomes along the river since from him many of the buildings can be observed that compose the Skyline of the city. Another one of the zones that there are to know is the Superb Mile, to the north of the Chicago river. This one one par excellence became the commercial district as a result of the opening of the Michigan bridge and the avenue of the same name. A full boulevard of stores, historical skyscrapers and centers that comprise essential of the history of the metropolis. Behind the Fourth Prebysterian Church, of neogothic style, are two of the emblematic ones that they survived the great fire, the Water Tower and Pumping Station. In the south of this avenue is the Tribune Tower, soothes of the newspaper Chicago Tribune, that incorporates in its outside stone fragments coming from historical places like the Vatican of Rome, the prohibited city of Beijing or even of lunar rock.

Social Subjects

In our country the adoption (total adoption) supposes a new equal or compared familiar relation to the biological one, reason why it settles down, like rule, the legal rupture of bonds, personal, relatives and, between the adoptive son and his natural or biological parents. To such an extent it is so the Ministry of Justice, by Instruction of 15 of February of 1999 (Main directorate of the Registries and the Profession of notary), has ordered that in the seat of inscription in the Civil Registry is pointed out like parents solely to the adoptive parents, without mention some to the character of " adoptivos" , in the heat of equality with the biological ones; these will only consist in another seat with restricted publicity. For many pairs the adoption is the unique one via being parents and to train a family. The requests to adopt Spanish children continue being smaller than for the international adoption. Among others causes because the number of Spanish children susceptible to be adopted is almost null. Also according to country of the adopted one can more or less have bureaucratic obstacles. The Asian continent (China, India, Vietnam), offers to the Spanish pairs majors facilities in the proceedings and mainly greater rapidity But everything is not a way of roses, sometimes arise problems from legality. When it is decided to initiate the proceedings of an international adoption, it is essential to successfully obtain information in the services of minors of the independent communities, (the Ministry of Social Subjects does not have competitions in this matter) and of the Main directorate of the Minor and the Family, to find out the countries that contemplate the figure of the adoption in their legislation, as well as the requirements that each of them demands, and if collaborating organizations credited by these organizations exist, to select the country. Once decided the origin of the boy, it will be necessary to initiate the file.

Natural Columns

The life gives surprises you, surprises gives the life says to the song of Rubn Buckets you. While I cross the country, I am surprised more of the sites enigmatic, unimaginable and surprising that has each corner of Ecuador, each site has myths that the origin of the life and the nature explains. This time we talked about the called site Tangan, in the zone Blue Hill of the Sigchos Corner, province of Cotopaxi. To 2,000 meters on the level of the sea, whose ecosystem is of humid cloudy forest. Perhaps Tangan is not a Kichwa word, is of the language of the Tsachila culture. This type of ecosystems carateriza by the abundant biodiversity as much of plants as of animal and in each scene has been developed an own culture. In the middle of the vegetation of the primary forest, like a hidden treasure, you find rock columns of more than 50 meter of height, in one of the columns can be listened to the sound of the water, to say of the inhabitants of the locality had to be constructed by the human being.

Of my few knowledge on geology, I believe that they are rocks products of the movements and the shock of the Tectonic plates of South America and the Plate of Are born. Anyway, you are going away to be surprised of as much beauty. In the primary forest that surrounds, we found trees, wild orchids of different varieties, birds and other animal to him native, that you will be fascinated. This beauty is within a private property. In order to arrive at the place, part of the city of Latacunga, in vehicle by a lapse of an hour and a half and arrives at Blue Hill, of the Corner Sigchos. Of the edge of the highway a lapse is walked by a footpath of 20 minutes on foot and it arrives at this surprising place that will forget never it.

Making Money Fast

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