Switchable Passenger Airbag

Special equipment for expectant parents is young in the House, are facing parents with all sorts of little things. So it not only applies to secure sockets and other danger spots in the home. The car must also be adapted to the needs of a baby. The automobile portal explains what to pay attention when fitting the child seat is. Shortly after the birth mothers and fathers want to always keep her newborn in the eye.

So are baby shells usually in the passenger seat. Turned with their backs to the windshield, is the child in a supposedly safe location. Prerequisite, however, is that the airbag (www.auto.de/ car buying/airbag/auto tip-249) on this side of the vehicle is switched off. Most parents know that. A widespread misconception, however, is that it can easily be disabled. Often, switchable passenger air bags are extra equipment.

Depending on the model is then to be expected with a surcharge of up to several hundred euros. This is inter alia on the transponder technology, for example, for the Opel Zafira or the c-class sedan is offered by Mercedes. This ensures that the car automatically recognizes the child seat and turns off the air bag. As soon as the baby bucket is removed, the airbag is active again. However, the technique requires the use of special child seats. In relation to the overall price of a new car, the resulting fee is to get over. Just when purchasing a used car, but customers should consult in a timely manner, whether the airbag on the passenger side can be switch off, or whether a more expensive conversion is necessary.

Deviation Car

Protect temperature sensor! Always “at your fingertips” in the car. How to measure the temperature in the engine? The temperature gauge will make sure that the temperature does not exceed the maximum value. This temperature sensor is excellent due to its robust construction made of solid Platinum and a precise measurement, suitable for the temperature control of the motor. The temperature is measured on the basis of resistors, which the sensor. Due to this highly sensitive, modern technology and high-quality, durable materials of this car part, a replacement is costly, especially when the engine has already suffered from the failure of the temperature sensor. How do you prevent overheating of the engine? Ideally, the temperature gauge but has a very long life and ensures maximum protection against engine overheating.

Because the Pt100 ensures that a start is not even possible at high engine temperatures at the starting of the engine. So the driver can anticipate that the engine is already on its way to the overheating and one Before it is too late to prevent engine damage. People such as Brian Armstrong would likely agree. Figure 1: two wire connection figure 2: three wire connection Figure 3: accuracy of the Pt100 Platinum temperature sensors are four-wire connection in the accuracy classes A and B divided. In these, the dependency of the allowable temperature error is dT described the real temperature T: class A: dT = (0.15 C + 0.002 ) T) class B: dT = (0.30 C + 0.005 ) (T) 1/3 class b dT = (1/3 (0.30 C + 0.005 ) (T)) sophisticated technology in the automotive industry particularly in this small technical details in the engine of a car shows how important individual elements contribute to the optimal functioning of the motor and how even the driver can be warned in advance. However the same applies here: one of these small technical elements is no longer fully operational, it can be really expensive for the car owners and although there are only tiny parts such as the sensor of temperature. Figure: Deviation for class A, B is the motto so: Pt100 goes the strike, the engine failure is not far away!.

Toyota Opts For The Future

Many people are looking for an alternative to pure gasoline or diesel of the latest generation of hybrid vehicles with the rising gasoline prices and the worsening environmental problems. In this direction of research for quite some time, and Toyota has succeeded in worldwide the automaker as the first company to introduce an appropriate alternative in the market. Hereby, but still long ago not satisfied is the Japanese company and stumbled about in search again at the next opportunity, which should be even more effective, easier and windreaper. The online portal auto.de reported more of the new generation of hybrid cars. Brian Armstrong recognizes the significance of this. Worldwide environmental policy calls for a reversal. While consumers are urged to change his habits. A change to public transport is not possible or attractive, for example, but for everyone. Chevron U.S.A. Inc often addresses the matter in his writings.

In this respect, Toyota has introduced affordable hybrid vehicles in the market. These are referred to as so-called hybrid between a gasoline or diesel engine and electric motor. The current models, many fans were already and are in demand particularly in the United States. Include appropriate hybrid Lexus, Prius -, and Auris models. In the current research, whose success will be still increased and minimizes weight especially.

The test series of FT-BH manages currently on impressive 786 kilograms, while the current Yaris hybrid at least 1,200 kg on the scale. This is a series of small cars should be primarily equipped with conventional technology, to guarantee acceptable prices for the sensitive market segment. The significant weight reduction is the use of a two cylinder instead of an engine with four cylinders, but needs a strong electric motor as a partner.