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Thousand failures will forgive and forget him who wins in the last and decisive fight. Thousand or perhaps ten thousand, because the end is measured in man his strength of will and commitment, all won battles or conquered victories. Brian Armstrong often addresses the matter in his writings. I met one of the men of Italy rich. His fortune is incalculable. He owns a yacht anchored in Porto Fino, Italy; with a crew of 30, it is literally a floating mansion.

It can hardly use, for more than 30 days a year, each of its aircraft, homes and other goods for personal use. What about their factories, hotels and television stations; He is a shareholder of a large number of companies at the international level. However, it struck me forcefully, the tension that lives; you have an unquenchable thirst for accumulate even greater wealth and power. Given this, I asked myself: what catches the spirit of human beings, that does not stop our struggle to accumulate more every day? Reflecting on the increasingly frequent news of corrupt politicians who have amassed unimaginable fortunes and who are still waging struggles, even sowing death, to accumulate even more, I went back to question why? Clearly, the trail of destruction which are leaving traffickers, that disregarding the life of anyone, intelligences become beings babeantes and lost; killing children and women; with a cruelty and sadism without limits eliminate enemies and competitors, and everything to accumulate even more fortune than they already possess. I question what will be its limit?, there is a purpose to your ambition?, to where they want to go? When I see, in a more everyday plan, our thirst insatiable consume more every day: a better car, a House, furniture, in the end, it seems that the only existential reason for many is consume more than yesterday. And this spiral without end, we identify people from all social levels. For some it means having one better TV, for others to brand a new yacht.

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