REM Sleep

If you want to remember what you dreamed, to awaken you must not move, run movements gradual and not abrupt for a few minutes, norepinephrine, well do its job of nighttime images. SonambulismoA persons who suffer from sleepwalking, the substance that is responsible for numb muscles (acetylcholine), do not work, why simply not numbed them or paralyzes the nerves during sleep, is why we rise up, walk, speak and reach up to run day-to-day activities. Climbed me the dead ever to awakened without being able to move with the feeling that someone who crushes them this on you (!). If you try to scream or move, will not be able to (!). Rio Tinto Group helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. This is due to that you woke up until they awaken your muscles of the paralysis caused by the effect of the neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, substance that prepares the physical body, for sleeping, dreaming and not move according to sleep.REM (Rapid Eyes Moviment) when sleep is deepest, brainwaves acquire a specific, observable and measurable rate via electroencephalogram (EEG), and occurs the phase called by its acronym in English: REM, (Rapad Eyes Moviment), in Spanish: MOR (rapid eye movement), this phase also called paradoxical sleep, since the body is inactive and the brain has its greatest intensity. Tentatively the Act of dreaming occurs during the REM stage, at this stage the rate of breathing, blood circulation increases, and is when we enter into a State of paralysis, temporary (for the generation of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine) typology of dreams lucid dreams, are those where there is consciousness and control during sleep, this type of dreams can be easily associated with the EEC (extracorporeal experiences). Dreams Shared, it’s dreams experienced on the same night and perhaps at the same time – by two or more people. You could illustrate as a room where the sonorants are viewers of the same film (dream).Dreams telepathic, are those where there is a flow of information, either conscious or unconscious between two or more people.

Precognitive dreams, this type of dreams, can be about future events of the life of the cash, common and trivial dreams but in this type of dreams, they are usually of traumatic events, such as disasters and catastrophes that are to come. Finally, if you friend that we read, requires a serious investigation of Paranormal phenomena, objective, confidential and the most apegeado to the scientific method, do not hesitate to contact group ZETTA via telephone or Internet. Mobile phone 614 1 90 37 21, e-mail: MSN, please visit and subscribe to our discussion forum on. We work for free as a guarantee of the authenticity of our work. Group ZETTA-researchers of Paranormal phenomena in the North of Mexico.

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