Reflect More

Carlos Mora Vanegas most people fail because lack them the persistence to create new plans that replace those that don’t work. Mark Victor Hansen the price of success is hard work, dedication and the acceptance of that whether we win or lose we have endeavoured to maximize for our goal.Vince Lombardi be attentive, awake in the way as we act, we behave, we interrelacionamos, it allows us to increase our growth that leads us to know the opportunity of life that is given us, to surprise us so awake and interested we are for our personal growth, not to leave our authenticity contamination, to the contrary, be us each day autoconociendodetermining where our weaknesses are, transforming them into strengths, to ensure a correct participation where we operate we, know to take our life time. Some messages to take into account all men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from them. Winston Churchill not there failures, only lessons to learn.Oprah Winfrey I found I always learn more than my errors than my successes. If not these mistakes is because not you’re risking enough.John Sculley recognize that our actions, feelings and behaviors are the result of images in our mind and our beliefs frees us to create new images and beliefs to become the person we want.Maxwell Maltz the size of your success this determined by the size of your beliefs. Set small goals and will have small achievements set big goals and your success it will be. Remember this, great ideas, goals and plans are often more easy to achieve (but never more difficult) which strive to achieve small stuff.David Schwartz nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not do it; There is nothing more common than talented men, but without success. Wisdom will not do it; wisdom without reward is almost as common as a proverb.

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