LEARN Presentation

in my previous productions always I present the Psicopedagogia as instrument for this transformation, so necessary in the daily pertaining to school, of that it wants to see the society to walk more joust, igualitria and wiser. Jeffrey Hayzlett takes a slightly different approach. The changes of these structures start for the diagnosis, that when arisen with support if it can search with security the interventivos ways, using the workshops to teach and to learn together, professor pupil; pupil school; school community; community professor and professor school. To make intervention consists of knowing the reality, diagnosising the conjuncture current, to promote the integration, to plan the strategies, to argue ways, to search solutions successively together and. Psicopedagogia with its instruments of intervention, using the psicopedaggicas workshops are prepared to contribute for a change of structures and to improve the education and the learning of determined surrounding pertaining to school. Development the Brazilian schools need instruments urgently make that them to change the aiming of its structures, mainly the public schools.

The necessity of the creation of a dialgica relation of respect, promoting ethical and citizenship between family and school, in which if the part establishes an acceptance of part principle that favors the ones that they aim at to the paradigm changes. That these systems constitute flexible borders, being that the reciprocal exchanges can result in a movement of social transformation, educational, cultural, mutual, without necessity to define causes nor to look culprits for the consumings that came happening in these environments and in the people constitute who them. To contribute with the improvement of the process of education and the quality of the learnings, from one ethical and social vision, searching through the sociological quarrel, alternative to change the vicissitudes that are not producing positive effect for the educational and social field is the vision that surrounds the people who are inserted in the Psicopedagogia.