Fireworks Festival

Many choose to Mallorca as their favorite destination for holidays. Reasons there are plenty: easy access, a wonderful climate, lovely beaches and a host of gastronomic delights. But there are those who put foot on the island for other reasons. Mallorca is recognized as an outstanding venue of events and festivals that occur throughout the year. If you leave yourself to be seduced by any of them, you will surely spend a vacation different and impossible to forget. To know the broad agenda of events and festivities on Mallorca for every week and month of the year, consult one of the many web sites devoted to festivals in Mallorca. Some of these websites are run by people who live and work in Mallorca, who are best suited to tell how people really live every holiday of the island.

One of the most popular festivals is the Nit del Foc (night of fire). This starring magnificent bonfires and Fireworks Festival is conducted every year in the Parc de la Mer in Palma. The excellent climate of Mallorca is one of the ingredients essential to enjoy one of the most beautiful nights of the year in Mallorca. While the spell of the Nit del Foc lasts only for one night, the Mallorca Rock festival proposes grandiose musical evenings since the beginning of June until the beginning of September. Mallorca Rock festival invites one of the main exponents of modern music, so make sure you review the programming to not miss the best concerts before consulting the flights to Mallorca.

Mallorca also holds lovely festivities outside the summer months. If visits Mallorca in September you can enjoy the Festa des Melo, festival that marks the end of the annual harvest and is dedicated to watermelons. If you are a lover of this tasty fruit, you can not miss it. Visiting Mallorca during popular festivals is a unique opportunity to learn more about the traditions and culture of the island. Fortunately, Mallorca festivities take place every month of the year, so no matter what date you choose for your holidays, always you will have occasion of Live unforgettable moments together with the inhabitants of the island. If you are thinking about traveling to Mallorca in your next vacation, check numerous offers of car hire in Mallorca, since it is the best way to explore all the attractions of the island with total freedom. And whatever the festival you choose, remember to always book your tickets in advance, to make sure you are in the place and at the right time, there where the party exploits. Original author and source of the article

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