Technology Development

However, our spiritual side is very far behind the development of technology (which shows the growing tension in relations between peoples, undamped military conflicts). Any technology must lead us either to enhanced the development of spiritual principles in man, or a disaster, because we just destroy ourselves, not restrained by awareness of the processes in which irresponsible to interfere. Development of nanotechnology, for example, may well lead to the execution of those terrible pictures, forecasts that draw Hollywood filmmakers, confer rights of the future body, which introduces microscopic communication devices, computers, etc. "Perfection". This is not surprising, because they are directors, they see opportunities that are inherent in man himself, considering his "unfinished, imperfect, in principle, Anyway, I want to believe they do not know, otherwise they just hurt his films the human race! But these same technologies can help us get out of this impasse! We can communicate over vast distances. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jeffrey Hayzlett offers on the topic.. We can learn from the possibility of telecommunications conferences, and free communication (and it will be soon and already have!).

The man with the help of such means of communication can be combined in a community to a rapidly changing world, to find sustainable development Because we are beings social, and we must look for communities of people similar to us in thought, aspirations, knowledge There are many parameters that connect people. And that means of communication will play a role connecting element. For example, our daughter goes to school. She chose for herself the path of external studies.