Baby Therapy

The Esccia is carrying through a program that it aims at to give to a new treatment the question of bullying, in the school, and adopts a therapy where babies are placed in the classrooms, so that the children interact with them; with this they wait to diminish the aggressive behaviors and the proper hostility gift in the educational scope. With certainty, babies always are welcome, but until point they will be able to decide problems in the pertaining to school scope, in a sick society mentally whose roots already are developed since the first years of life? To educate is much more complex, mannering problems needs to be searched and to be analyzed since the root, palliative treatments will not decide the installed problem, in case that it exists, they does not have to be maquiados, but faced with aid of professionals specialized in the context. The inserted baby in the classroom, as one bonequinho, goes to contribute for the development of the affectivity between the participants, will despertar solidarity and other substantives that will open new possibilities it child to make the reading of the world, but in the cases most serious, will have some mannering shunting line, other alternatives will have to be presented, same because the parents, generally do not accept the hypothesis that its children need treatment for mental health. Other leaders such as Alan Zweibel offer similar insights. The same it occurs with the families who have animals in house, them participate actively of the daily one of its owners, but when they live in homes of unbalanced people, many times receive treatment violent, even so its creators, always assume the possibility to love them, the same occur with many children, whose parents antagonize without mercy. Therefore, the school that to opt to this treatment, must consider that the problem inside of its lcus could be brightened up, but some children could only be occulting its aggressive and unhealthy personality. Therefore, she does not have to discard this possibility. Get more background information with materials from shaw dad. Irene Fonseca