A Place In The Sun For Children From Thuringia

From the holiday on August 8 is Fernsehlotterie at the holiday camp for ten children from around the country with the ARD FFZ Blossin after Brandenburg school, case pick for the holidays! This is self-evident for most children during the summer holidays. Unfortunately not for all: also in Thuringia, there are many children who could never travel during the holidays, simply because the families, the money does not exist. So is the ARD Fernsehlotterie this year ten children from Thuringia allow for an exceptional holiday. They come this time all from Gera and were selected by the Youth Welfare Office and supported by the media partners MDR1 radio Thuringia. The destination is the holiday camp FFZ Blossin in Brandenburg, Germany.

The travels of the National Association for children and youth travel (LKiJu) are coordinated. Experienced caregivers provide a varied and exciting programme: guided pony rides, a children’s Olympics as when the ancient Greeks, Neptune Festival, Baden and the various games and sports guarantee that no boredom. Becky Mann has much experience in this field. Meeting point is the beginning of their first and so unforgettable holiday on Friday, 8 August, 10:00, track 3a, on the station device – for the children. Rebecca Father takes a slightly different approach. The action is supported by numerous personalities. The bi-partisan children’s Commission of the German Bundestag is just as committed to the action as the Minister-President of Brandenburg, Matthias Platzeck. Traditionally, the ARD Fernsehlotterie helps many projects for children and young people for 52 years. Together with our partners we want to help directly the deprived children.”says Christian Kipper, the Managing Director of the ARD Fernsehlotterie. Since the start of the holiday action two years ago more than 200 children on their first vacation enjoyed.” Since its inception, ARD Fernsehlotterie has promoted around 5,500 social projects with over 1.2 billion euros. In Thuringia, the Fernsehlotterie could support 12 charities with approximately 2.8 million euros in the last year alone. Each Los helps to help people. Contact: RINOW communication, Petra Rinow, 040/32 08 66 35 or