The transparency thus created generates a high understanding of the process at the parties and thus high employee acceptance. Efficient and lean process design with WissIntra the WissIntra base module, the process manager, reduces the complexity of your business processes. Through the use of individual P-cards, which can be customized to meet the needs of your company, your processes are understandable and usable. An efficient process design is an elementary prerequisite for a standards-oriented integrated management system and base of each successful entrepreneurial activity. WissIntra is an easy to learn and convenient way to portray your company’s business processes and to work through the complex entrepreneurial challenges economically and structured. The participating employees are using a status message about informed changes made and sharing requests. Through the targeted control of process documentation and hierarchy-oriented verification to be content, companies benefit from a high level of transparency and security.

New is also the integrated Dokumentenversionierung. On the procurement of an internal ID documents through a link with the underlying database can be versioned as often in WissIntra. When a document replacing the old version with the same identification number is no longer valid and the new document is flagged automatically as the currently valid version. The advantages at a glance: Integrating processes with Auditkriterienlisten and different standards for efficient preparation of QM audit (DIN EN ISO / VDA) different process views, evaluations and lists process step accurate deposit of features, default and result documents assignment of process responsibilities electronic quality manual with integrated approval workflows multi-stage approval workflows for changes by Attractive complete offers a solution the clear definition of business goals, structures process steps Dokumentenversionierung and document control WissIntra as an integrated management system for process documentation, the action and the Auditmanagement.Durch, responsibilities and processes in the context of the continuous improvement process, new requirements, and business processes are recorded and thus sustainably enshrined in the company. More information at