The Freedom

That would be equivalent to say that you’re a little pregnant. If that person against whom you have ill will died today, are you sure that you would feel like? It be worth suffering so much pain for nothing? Forgive and forget at least to a level where you can keep a relationship of respect again without become judge anyone. My friend decided to forgive his father. She opened the doors of his heart and left entering fresh air. His life became a magical adventure.

He has had a relationship for more than two years with its current boyfriend. It has set an example for his family as for mettle, has a new career and a new House. I can tell you that all these blessings began at the same time that my friend had the big gesture to forgive and grow as a human being. Sometimes you’re hard with other people and yourself without darte account of the divine flame that everything be carries itself, including yourself. When you get to the age of majority are in charge of your life.

It is your choice to accept in your heart a revanchist God or a God of love and mercy, that will make your life more interesting. There are men that motivate the desire to live with misery as a travel companion, while they travel in luxury in others. You say: is bad to be rich.It is clearly bad for you, because fascinate them overabundance and the luxuries. The reason because these people wish that you continue being poor is because that way they maintain control over you and your family. Once you become a prosperous person you will be very difficult or almost impossible to manipulate. For the rich the freedom for them and their families becomes a goal and raison d ‘ etre. The rich rub shoulders with the people who make the important decisions in the world and help them get where they want, why they become indispensable.

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