The Eyes

How could they foresee with exactness the date of the end of the world, if it meets as many millenia after its existence? He is something where if she must think. Next or not, the end of the world could arrive at any instant stops in them making one visitinha, as a simple ones human being could foresee this? We are intelligent? Yes, and very, but not capable to foresee events future, not capable to foresee the destination, or we would prevent our proper deaths and catastrophes before exactly of them to happen. If really it is worried about the end, then why it does not make something useful to postpone it? While we foresee things impossible, the end is if approaching right under our noses, of one form that we consider harmless. It is if approaching in the deforestations, the forest fires, the pollutions, the social injustices, the hunger of our equal ones, in the murder of people and innocent beings, in the murder of the love. It does not dissimulate that the things are not happening, why they are, my expensive reading friend. They are happening in more tragic way also of what we wait. The human being is killing itself exactly and is making seen thick, placing the guilt in ambient catastrophes. Perhaps the nature wants only waking up in them for what we are making, and not killing in them, taking off our houses, our homes, people of who we love.

It opens its eyes and it keeps them open. It denounces, it says, it gives its opinion, it tries to make better. If each one to make nor that it is a minimum, then will know that still it has one salvation. I ask for to that, wanting or not to believe what I say, thinks if valley better the penalty if to worry anticipatedly for that not even it perhaps happens. The world can or not to finish in 2012, will be for happening, it can finish exactly before of this, but what it matters it is not to know the accurate date. What it matters is to continue our ways and to try to give optimum of we ourselves, preparing in them for a probable end, that can come in 2 or 20 years, but for this we do not need hiding in them in underground shelters, nor to reserve foods or enough amounts of water for its survival. We only need to make what we find certain, to make what we find that he is good, correct, in accordance with our religion or culture, and then, in the day that to come, you will not need to fear.

But leaves to take it you, and you will know that she made its better, you will know what the wait. He will know that he was not everything in go. Note: I write this article to try to give to a support the people who are suffering anxious with these premonitions that as much they scare them, waiting a probable end, to give a support to them. I also write it to open the eyes of the people who do not want to face that exactly that them she seems, we are turning the upside-down world, we are in accustoming to the errors and judging what it is certain. They can criticize what I write, insult can me, I I tried to make my part, not if it can please to all, but if I to obtain to help a minority, then it will have been enough. I am thankful.