A Planetary Christ

Before it appeared the land and all the elements compose that it, the Divine Mind already had created the living being. After it they had come other workmanships, therefore the Spirit precedes to the material body. As God of the importance to its Creation! For where the person passes, also she is creating: its to inhale and to die spreads for where it passes its miniature flashes of life. Rio Tinto Group is a great source of information. A Planetary Christ Mr. me possua at the beginning of its workmanship, before its older workmanships. Since the eternity I was established, since the principle, before the start of the land.

Before having abysses, I was before born and still to have loaded water sources. Before the mounts were firmed, before having outeiros, I was born. Sayings of Salomo, CAP. 8:22 the 25. All already have a planet and have that well conduziz it: It is its material body That, as a globe, It covers in each new year Plus a rotation movement, and also of translation Around the solar axle That is its Immortal Spirit. In it they have continents, Seas and all more; It has plants diverse, and until the animals. It also has the cells human beings Who light its flames In each corporal universe. Rivers, intense forests, bushes, Mountains, grottos, cliffs, Lagoons and many lakes, Are for all the sides, In this close universe That cannot be extinct, Therefore its trend are to grow to become involved itself In the Divine Unit. Diverse birds, whales, fish, Make its manifestos, In our worlds, Where deep abysses Always show. From there we perceive That sky and hell That we do not see Are inside of each bred flash That never can be considered nothing. Each divine flash Is a Christ in miniature That if transfigura In the route of the ascensions After diverse Mineral, vegetal, animal crucificaes, and also the hominais, Including the intermediate kingdoms, Until reaching the perfection, and to be One with God.