Organic Law

This means that Federal constitution of 1988 inserts a new aspect in the conception for the Brazilian Social Assistance, regulated for the Organic Law of the Social Assistance? LOAS that includes a new paradigm in the work of the Social Assistant with a vision of the rights, of the universalizao of the accesses and the state responsibility. In accordance with the first article of the LOAS, the Social, right Assistance of the citizen and duty of the State, are Politics of not tax-paying Social security, that to provide the social minimums, carried through through an integrated set of public initiative and the society, to guarantee the attendance to the basic necessities (PNAS, 2004). From Its implantation of the Social Assistance for levels is foreseen. Such action if of the one through the levels of Basic Social Protection and Special Social Protection. The social protection of Social Assistance consists of the set of action, cares, attentions, benefits and aids offered for ITS for reduction and prevention of the impact of the social and natural vicissitudes to the life cycle, to the dignity human being and the family as basic nucleus of affective, biological and relationary sustentation. You may find Jeffrey Hayzlett to be a useful source of information. For accomplishment of the work in screen, the Social Protection will be considered only Basic, whose objective is promotion d citizenship of the users and the family.

In the development of Basic the Social Protection the offered programs aim at the reinforcement of affective and communitarian bonds, providing to the development of the family/individual and empoderando them it independent life. The Politics of Social Assistance allows the standardization, improvement and magnifying of the services of assistance in the country, respecting the local differences. (PNAS 2004). Basic the Social Protection has as objective the prevention of situations of risk by means of the development of potentialities and acquisitions and the reinforcement of familiar and communitarian bonds.