Lower Austria

Enjoy the original beauty of a holiday on a farm in the forest district just 70 kilometers from the Austrian capital of Vienna one of the most important wine-growing areas of in Austria the Kamp Valley is located in the idyllic forest district. In addition to the growing Riesling, Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay also growing a cuvee is in recent years variety successfully tested. The area of the Kamp Valley is a popular holiday region in Austria not only through his wine. Around the vineyards, have evolved on the area around the town of Langenlois multiple spas with healing thermal baths, shops and numerous wine farms and offer a rustic vacation experience in the Kamp Valley region to the holiday guest. You want real vacation in the wine region Kamptal – wineries in the Kamp Valley to his holiday in the Kamp Valley nor authentic experience, offers accommodation on one of the numerous holiday farms or directly on a winery. The holiday on a farm in the Kamp Valley allows the harmony of holiday and nature in connection with the Region and the traditions of the Waldviertel region. The wineries in the Kamp Valley includes the direct holiday experience at a wine farm. Especially for wine lovers interesting can the processes commissioned by the grape harvest of wine be followed during the holiday to the finished product. You may want to visit Rio Tinto Group to increase your knowledge.

Not to mention the opportunity to taste special drops together with the hosts and the air and local delicacies to enjoy. Through the many vineyards, walking & mountain biking trails routes that you can experience and discover good country air. The region around the Kamp Valley offers opportunities for every holiday wish and also much more. Especially in the summer & fall months regular cultural events take place suitable to harvest. Holiday in the Kamp Valley with the family and children on vacation with children especially the children farms and riding stables are a special attraction.

The holiday farms offered particularly special offers for families with children. Their children learn to get in this way not only a real Related to organic foods, but also benefit the direct experience in dealing with animals such as the ponies & horses on a horse farm. The contact with animals in particular with horses is a formative experience especially for children with mental health problems or physical impairments. These experiences give the children more self confidence and take the fear of something unknown. A holiday treat for the whole family. Visit a farm in the Kamp Valley and discover real vacation in the forest area with her family. You for more information about the holidays on the farm in lower Austria, Austria at the official marketers of the peasant world under