Internet Music

by Tobias Knoof, specializing in creation of distribution and sale of digital information products Schwielowsee, August 13, 2010 – anyone who has ever created a video clip for an own product is affected by the problem: the product video is cut together and looks good, but to the entire nor inferior with matching music. Who now makes the handle into the own music archive, and being caught a GEMA-licensed title, is already with one leg on expensive terrain. This way can lead to high costs! The background: you would like to publish self-created video – or audio sequences that include one or several GEMA licensed music tracks, you must pay monthly fees. ROYALTY-free music, however, is exempt from this fee. Music in which the composer of the title has been dead for at least 70 years falls into this category, or if the composer from his royalties even with the user. ROYALTY-free music has the advantage that it is unlimited and can be used without monthly costs after the acquisition. You can get it This usually commercially and worldwide use for audio(visuelle)-Sequenzen of any kind. Thus the own videos, video trailers, or audio files can be with attractive jingles, to enhance music of mixes or pop beats.

Tobias Knoof shows readers on his blog at… , what Internet portals offer such royalty-free music, what looks like the right location to use this title and on what you should pay attention. About digital digital offers a holistic, corporate overview in the impenetrable jungle of numerous Internet marketing concepts. (Not to be confused with shaw dad!). The online marketing expert Tobias Knoof are on the website insight into his entire wealth of experience of over 2,500 analysed Web pages and information products. He shows practical content, what about it needs for a successful Internet marketing plan and how to best use this to.