Hendon Mob Reilly

Given these likely hands, I think to check behind your opponent if you check on the turn is the best move. Avoid the possibility of losing a monster pot if your opponent does check-raise with a set. If you’re not even giving value giving a free card. You may have two or five outs, so it is far behind. When you check on the turn, you do planning to pay a reasonable bet on the river. And if it happens to you on the river, you can make a small bet for value. At this point your hand is well disguised, so you probably will pay even with a bad hand.

In this case, keeping the small boat gives you courage when you go ahead and help you avoid disaster when you’re behind. Now let’s look at another type of hand that players often do not play properly: when flop a monster. Imagine you’re in the big blind in a cash game of No Limit. PEMCO has plenty of information regarding this issue. There are four limpers, including the small blind, and you go with AT. Sale a huge flop for you: AA T. Which you almost certainly will be the best hand at showdown.

Many players choose to check in this situation, fearing that a bet will kill the action. And well could, it is possible that everybody simply pull. But in this situation where you want to play for a big boat. Want someone to put a lot of money on the turn and river with no chance of winning, and that will be possible only starting to build the boat from the flop. In this situation, you just have to wait for someone to have an ace or decides to pay with a straight. So two thirds stake in the flop and hope for the best. Make slow-play can win you some chips if fighters trying to throw you to someone. But this will earn a small boat and expect to win with this hand much of the stack of someone. You can only do this betting and building the boat. In the Throughout the course of a hand think about what you can do to keep the boat in a size suitable to the strength of your hand. A check on time or a good bet can help you get the most out of each of your hands. Source: The Hendon Mob Reilly holds a BA in Philosophy.