Immigration And The Education Authorities

To this we will add the aggravation of the phenomenon of immigration, which implies the need of huge human and material resources and the consequent increase of the budget items that do not always materialize and as an immediate consequence, public education has become the most Where immigrant ghettos and private and private schools have become a refuge for educational excellence and sound economic classes, thus accelerating the expected social divide in the near future. This would aggravated by the insulting rates of school failure in the compulsory secondary education (31%) and stunted school population rates (21%) reaching the post-compulsory secondary level (Grade Bachillerato and medium) as a logical consequence of the above and subsequent implementation of educational reforms (LOGSE, LOCE, LOE) and future puzzles that based on the fallacy of automatic or semiautomatic promotion, lack of appreciation of personal effort and embarrassing loss of the teacher’s authority have achieved failure rates school close to 32% of the school population, young people will not get the minimum qualifications required for entry into the world of work and take them into unskilled labor and easily exploitable.

Vocational training has always been the greatest Cinderella of our outdated education system, so it is imperative to a rediscovery of Vocational Training by the Society and Education Authorities and to achieve, must have the necessary investment in equipment and human material and be interconnected with leading companies in R & D, so get professional help overcome the challenges of the dramatic technological revolution and global virtual society we live in and prevent the proliferation irrational of public and private universities with little or no connection with innovative business groups, which together with a marked decrease in the rate of student population will in most cases reduced to mere vending titles licensed to lead to future contracts and interim seiscieneuristas annuity, except the civil service and academic elites. Read more here: UISOL. Therefore, it is clear the urgent need for a three-way educational Pact: (associations of parents, teachers and education authorities) to agree on the values to be passed and educational minimum to be achieved and establish the implementation schedule of articles of incorporation and quantification increase economic investment in education, trying to make in short period of time he gets out of school caboose Europe. GERMAN GORRAIZ La “PEZ Nothing special. A life buried in a corner of the winter, waiting for a late spring..

Halley Accident

At least 77 species of mammals, 1,000 plants, 40 of reptiles and amphibians, 80 birds and 40 freshwater fish are endangered in Mexico, due to the serious problems affecting the country’s ecosystem, according to Mexican biologist Gerardoa Ceballos A 22 year old Chinese boy has died after the battery explode your Motorola brand mobile phone he carried in his jacket breast pocket, the official news agency reported Tuesday Xinhua.El accident occurred on June 19, When Xiao Jinpeng was working as welder at a processing plant for iron ore in the district of Jinta (northwestern province of Gansu). The young man wore the device in his jacket pocket, close to the chest, and the explosion caused the fracture of his ribs, which punctured his heart, so that doctors could do nothing to save the victim. Initial investigations show that the phone battery exploded after being exposed to high temperatures, although they have not model-specific problems as the cause of the accident. “In all these cases is usually due to the use of accessories, chargers, batteries, not originals, and therefore do not meet safety standards imposed by the manufacturers,” said a source from the company Motorola, noting also the fact that it was in a cast iron at high temperatures. Many Chinese mobile users who know the accessories fake or low quality that circulate in the market, have called for an immediate response to Motorola, which has a large factory in Tianjin (northern China) – and responsible authorities on whether the explosion was the result of defects in the battery or the misuse of mobile. “In any case, China’s accident is being investigated and Motorola has sent a team of experts to find out what has happened “confirms the official said. The plant where he worked Xiao his mother has compensated with $ 17,763 (13,000 euros).

The explosion of mobile phone batteries is rare, according to Yang Boning, director of public relations for Motorola in China, adding that the company has taken the incident “very seriously” and respect the results of the investigation. Mark Twain A few heeded him. His prophecy was something sinister and the great reputation that it only served to drag his closest friends think that all this was an eccentric worthy of a pure genius wanting more notoriety. However, he remained committed in recent months in predicting a very concrete. Sullen and worried, away from the rest of the intellectual, hinting at a single sentence: “I was born with the comet and I will go with him.” It was not until many years later when some biographers discovered the incredible coincidence. Twain had died a natural death at the end of April 21, 1910, at the very moment that it was clearly visible over c0elebre comet Halley. He quickly backed down many pages of almanacs and calendars fearing the worst. The old Mark was born one day in 1835, at which time the comet is visible only once every 70 years, left a trail across the sky.

His life was a true journey between the two arrivals of the colossus wanderer in space. (Continuaraa ) Industrial Engineer-manager, lawyer UC EGADE (ITESM) Graduate degrees in business administration, quality and productivity, education Ed.D. Professor Graduate Area Faces UC.

Fuel Distributor

– European Accounting Information and Legal Aspects. – Technical Inspection and Graphic evidence each of the aircraft and engines. – Analysis of replacement cost and depreciation of the most significant factors that influence the determination of the actual physical value of each aircraft and engine. a Emilio EMI Piers Barcenas, C. Havana, 1999. a Graphic Company, Cienfuegos, 1999. a Industrial Gases Company, Santa Clara, 1999.

a Association-Cafe Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, 1999. a UBE Quota a 30 of Noviembrea , Palma Soriano, Stgo. Cuba, 1999. a Materials Company 14, Santiago de Cuba, 1999. a Fca. Cement Mercerona a , Santiago de Cuba, 1999.

a Ferrocarriles de Cuba, Term. Santiago de Cuba and Bayamo, 1999. (Not to be confused with The Hayzlett Group!). a unit Fuel Distributor, CUPET, Guantanamo, 1999. a unit Fuel Distributor, CUPET, Stgo. Cuba, 1999. Same time serves as a consultant in the field of business organization, and serving as General Coordinator CONAVANA Consultants Group SA, which works in the following companies that have been practiced on Enhancement Process Consulting Business: a Drilling Company and Extraction of Oil from the West, CUPET, 1998. a AUTOPARTS, UNECAMOTO, 1999. a Escambraya Comercializadora SA, Ministry of Industry of Materials p / Construction, 1999. a Cuba-Coffee Association. Santiago de Cuba Province. MINAGRI, 1999. a Fca. Feed a Tropicalesa , MINAGRI. a ALME Group, Ministry of Industry of Materials p / Construction. In November 1999, the company works in Escambray Comercializadora SA, serving as Director of Process, and acting on different business processes like human resources, public relations, computer _ information, material distribution, communications, logistics and others, to date January 2008. Programming Languages: a SQL. a Microsoft Access. a Microsoft Excel. Tools: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, SQL, Microsoft Project, Outlook Express, FrontPage, Macromedia Dream Weaver, Corel Draw, Corel Photo Paint, Internet Explorer, NetScape, ICQ, AOL Messenger, Rainbow Web, among others. Languages Known: English a

The Wonder Of Compound INterest

Here is another example of how $ 300 a month can give you money after 30 years invested. “Without earn interest, leaving the money under the mattress of the bed or in a shoe box, $ 300/month accumulate $ 108,400 in 30 years. – At 5% annual interest, the $ 300/month would generate $ 245. 609 (2. Three times the principal amount) – At 8% annual interest, the $ 300/month would grow up to $ 425. 283 (4 times the principal amount) – At 15% annual interest, the $ 300/month would grow up to $ 1. 69 million (15 times the principal amount) – At 25% annual interest, the $ 300/month would grow up to $ 13. 14 million (121. 6 times the principal amount) Is it unreasonable to think that we will earn 25% interest compounded annually for 30 years? It is not unreasonable, but neither is easy.

Warren Buffet, investor special, has achieved an average gain of 25% for 50 years, but he is an exception to the rule. What is the interest that could be pointing? I would say that 8% annual interest rate is appropriate, any business or investment, you appear selling at a higher interest rate, would you say is very risky and we should let it go. While Wall Street, its main indicator, Standard & Poors 500 (S & P500) has generated revenues of 12. 08% annually over the past 50 years, it is also true that today many companies and individuals are offering exorbitant profits are nothing but deception, and pyramids that do not come to anything and only make you lose all your money (like the very famous case “Madoff” or if “the Tour” on Venezuela). How long to double my money?

Albert Einstein once said once, about a question which was, in his opinion, the Eighth Wonder “For me, the eight wonder of the world is compound interest. He came to decipher what is known as Rule 72, which determines when your money can be doubled. In our example, if you’re going to have 8% annual interest, it means that your money will double in value every 72 / 8 = 9 years. For a return of 20% annual interest, your money could double every 72 / 20 = 3. 6. We have the discipline to get that money for our expenses, the wisdom to choose a financial instrument that we generate interest and secure ongoing long-term, and the patience to let your money grow with the magic of compound interest.

Controlling Chemical Weapons Stockpiles

Although charges were dropped against General Anatoly Kuntsevich, a senior official in charge of Russia in dismantling chemical weapons stockpiles were common knowledge that was the sale of technology to binary nerve gas weapons to Syria. Nordex Corporation Established in December 1989 in Vienna by Grigori Loutchansky, Nordex is one of the shell companies created in recent years of the Soviet Union to generate foreign currency for the KGB. In the last decade, Nordex spread worldwide, with offices in New York to Hong Kong. In Moscow, and collaboration have emerged, including ‘Glavsnab’, a city-owned enterprises, and the two transport companies, Intourtrans ‘and’ Intourservice. ” Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin personally issued orders Nordex can export commodity materials.

Yuri Luzhkov, who is often marketed as a successor to President Yeltsin, also enjoy a profitable relationship with Nordex. a As the mayor of Moscow, controlled Luzhkoy ‘Glavsnab “, the association council Nordex to the agency, which for unexplained reasons transferred $ 23 million in cash and interest-free loans for Nordex. This provides further evidence of the multiple relationships between politicians and criminals for the purpose of personal enrichment. German intelligence officials said on his “Nordex is an example of a to the criminals and politicians at the expense of a weakened state politically and economically,” and that “… there is much evidence to suggest that Nordex has subsequently evolved into a less hand, an organization delicate .

a Another report speaks of the evidence pointed to involvement in “… the international arms trade and smuggling of drugs and nuclear weapons in the Baltic.” a One of the major activities for Nordex in the case of large scale beryllium 1992-93, known as the ‘if Vilnius. Since the export of beryllium is illegal without special permission, as most need a strong support. Igor Vladimirovich Rudenko, then head of the Department of Technical Material Supply and place operated by the Minatom nuclear research institute, was contacted Yuri Ivanovich Alexeyev, a Yekaterinburg businessman and owner of Karate-Do, based in Moscow a “sports organization, with strong ties to the professional organization. a Karate-Do to finance the transaction with a volume of 30 million rubles. Rudenko, using a: MINATOM letterhead to send a false purchase order and requested Obninsk 4000 kilograms of beryllium and nine kilograms of cesium sent to a fictitious company in Sverdlovsk, through export licenses, which were duly obtained. shippedto beryllium-O is a company called Veka Lithuania, and gave an anonymous buyer in Zurich, who was willing to pay $ 24 million, ten times the market price. Thanks to the intervention of the police, the agreement was never completed. Although intelligence agencies do not reveal the identity of the mysterious buyer in Zurich, which expressed the firm conviction that Nordex was heavily involved in business in Nordex But not just of nuclear materials. Trying to satisfy customers Nordex also offers delivery systems. In 1994, a Nordex cargo aircraft Corporation, the route of North Korea to Iran, which played at an airport in Ukraine. Inside the plane were to launch Scud missiles. Former CIA director John Deutch Nordex described as “an organization associated with Russian professional activity.” a lawyer, writer, consultant. Secretary General of the Center for National Policy Studies and General Carlos de Meira Mattos Honorary President of the “Luso International Foundation for Education and Culture in northern Portugal”, the initiator of the network of International Schools in Portugal (Braga, Porto, Leiria) , former representative of the Portuguese Association of Defence and Northern European Representative of the Association of former students of the Military Academy in Brazil.

World Heritage

In addition to its excellent fishing, Essaouira offers numerous tourist attractions and has Mugar of great interest, among which is its fascinating medina, considered World Heritage by UNESCO. The main species are found in marine waters of Morocco are the smooth, common bream and red sea bream, sole, sea bass, Sollet, sea bass, barracuda, eels, hake and tuna , among others. If you decide to go fishing deep, you can fish for tuna, swordfish, barracuda, grouper and white marlin. So, as you can see, the variety of species in the waters of Morocco is enormous and its seas are in a life and beauty of the most abundant. But, as in many developing countries, water is a vital and invaluable resource. Moreover, as in many other African countries, is also a scarce resource. In Morocco in particular, with more than 3,200 miles of Atlantic and Mediterranean coast, has a huge dependence on water and its proper care and maintenance. See more detailed opinions by reading what Terry Nielsen offers on the topic.. The diversity of fauna and flora, the stability of its economy developing but still poor and, most importantly, health and welfare of its people depend crucially on its clean, its just supply and protection.

Many organizations and associations working conscientiously to prevent the dumping of industrial waste into the sea, ocean conservation and sources of freshwater and against the unequal distribution fee and the lack of water supply. But all these circumstances, which have already caused an enduring crisis that points to very serious long-term consequences still occur continuously, but can be avoided if we become aware of them and campaign or act on them. Recuerde No water, no fishing! a So come to Morocco and enjoy one of the places better, more varied and attractive in the world for fishing. The climate in this country is warm and sunny throughout the year and its landscapes are breathtaking. Morocco also offers many attractions: an ancient and fascinating history, exquisite and varied cuisine, a diverse and affordable housing, and a town famous for its generosity and hospitality.

And of course, a water fragile but invaluable. Your fishing experience will be even better if you choose the most appropriate to their needs and desires. Many will even help you plan your fishing trip to the smallest detail and will be happy to recommend the best way to make the most of your adventure. David Gonzalez-Company is a writer, journalist, educator and translator and has lived in several countries in Europe, North America and Africa. David currently resides in Marrakech, where he works, among other things, the field of tourism with business as it is. Espace-maroc. riad2000 com. com.