Immigration And The Education Authorities

To this we will add the aggravation of the phenomenon of immigration, which implies the need of huge human and material resources and the consequent increase of the budget items that do not always materialize and as an immediate consequence, public education has become the most Where immigrant ghettos and private and private schools have become a refuge for educational excellence and sound economic classes, thus accelerating the expected social divide in the near future. This would aggravated by the insulting rates of school failure in the compulsory secondary education (31%) and stunted school population rates (21%) reaching the post-compulsory secondary level (Grade Bachillerato and medium) as a logical consequence of the above and subsequent implementation of educational reforms (LOGSE, LOCE, LOE) and future puzzles that based on the fallacy of automatic or semiautomatic promotion, lack of appreciation of personal effort and embarrassing loss of the teacher’s authority have achieved failure rates school close to 32% of the school population, young people will not get the minimum qualifications required for entry into the world of work and take them into unskilled labor and easily exploitable.

Vocational training has always been the greatest Cinderella of our outdated education system, so it is imperative to a rediscovery of Vocational Training by the Society and Education Authorities and to achieve, must have the necessary investment in equipment and human material and be interconnected with leading companies in R & D, so get professional help overcome the challenges of the dramatic technological revolution and global virtual society we live in and prevent the proliferation irrational of public and private universities with little or no connection with innovative business groups, which together with a marked decrease in the rate of student population will in most cases reduced to mere vending titles licensed to lead to future contracts and interim seiscieneuristas annuity, except the civil service and academic elites. Read more here: UISOL. Therefore, it is clear the urgent need for a three-way educational Pact: (associations of parents, teachers and education authorities) to agree on the values to be passed and educational minimum to be achieved and establish the implementation schedule of articles of incorporation and quantification increase economic investment in education, trying to make in short period of time he gets out of school caboose Europe. GERMAN GORRAIZ La “PEZ Nothing special. A life buried in a corner of the winter, waiting for a late spring..

Fuel Distributor

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World Heritage

In addition to its excellent fishing, Essaouira offers numerous tourist attractions and has Mugar of great interest, among which is its fascinating medina, considered World Heritage by UNESCO. The main species are found in marine waters of Morocco are the smooth, common bream and red sea bream, sole, sea bass, Sollet, sea bass, barracuda, eels, hake and tuna , among others. If you decide to go fishing deep, you can fish for tuna, swordfish, barracuda, grouper and white marlin. So, as you can see, the variety of species in the waters of Morocco is enormous and its seas are in a life and beauty of the most abundant. But, as in many developing countries, water is a vital and invaluable resource. Moreover, as in many other African countries, is also a scarce resource. In Morocco in particular, with more than 3,200 miles of Atlantic and Mediterranean coast, has a huge dependence on water and its proper care and maintenance. See more detailed opinions by reading what Terry Nielsen offers on the topic.. The diversity of fauna and flora, the stability of its economy developing but still poor and, most importantly, health and welfare of its people depend crucially on its clean, its just supply and protection.

Many organizations and associations working conscientiously to prevent the dumping of industrial waste into the sea, ocean conservation and sources of freshwater and against the unequal distribution fee and the lack of water supply. But all these circumstances, which have already caused an enduring crisis that points to very serious long-term consequences still occur continuously, but can be avoided if we become aware of them and campaign or act on them. Recuerde No water, no fishing! a So come to Morocco and enjoy one of the places better, more varied and attractive in the world for fishing. The climate in this country is warm and sunny throughout the year and its landscapes are breathtaking. Morocco also offers many attractions: an ancient and fascinating history, exquisite and varied cuisine, a diverse and affordable housing, and a town famous for its generosity and hospitality.

And of course, a water fragile but invaluable. Your fishing experience will be even better if you choose the most appropriate to their needs and desires. Many will even help you plan your fishing trip to the smallest detail and will be happy to recommend the best way to make the most of your adventure. David Gonzalez-Company is a writer, journalist, educator and translator and has lived in several countries in Europe, North America and Africa. David currently resides in Marrakech, where he works, among other things, the field of tourism with business as it is. Espace-maroc. riad2000 com. com.